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Victoria Matosa is a prominent girl on social media networks.  She is a Brazilian famous personality and cosmetologist on Instagram. Her frequent updates and posts make her famous in less than a year. In such a short time, her talent and dedication make her able to congregate an enormous number of fans on the social network. She is also the title possessor of beauty procession and a Brazilian model.

Victoria uses to share great information as posts and reels on Instagram about her life. Her every post is getting a large number of followers and viewers and she is grabbing the attention of online traffic in such ways. Her authentic website is also acknowledged for giving her suggestions regarding beauty and fashion. Moreover, her lingerie and swimsuit photos are also well-liked by all fans.

Her Instagram link is:

She has only 130 posts and has 3 million followers. Victoria Matosa is posting about her hobbies of routine life and modeling. She also announced in her posts that she loves to sing and dancing, but any of her social media accounts do not show any proof of these hobbies or professions. 

The background of her family also has a great role in her success. It is revealed that her niece who is also popular for her realistic lifestyle has shown her the way to this platform. 

How do her looks affect her personality?

Victoria is born on 8th May in the year 1997 and she is 25 years old. Victoria is 5 feet 5 inches or 165 centimeters tall. Her weight is 61 kg or 131 pounds. Her attractive eyes and up-to-date body figure make her more appealing. To give an extra tempting look she always gets into arguments with her manager over wearing heels or shoes. She exposed this information in one of her interviews. 

Victoria’s participation in various beauty competitions!!!

After finishing her study Victoria took part in a year’s edition of Aprendiz Celebridade. In that, she becomes second best with her mates named Fran Ferreira and Adriano Leite. In 2012, in September she also involved herself in model series 20 of America which was televised in Brazil. 

In the same year, she again tied for another model cycle 21 shot in New York City. I that Victoria was selected as one of the 13 top models by Tyra Banks. Other contestants and also her mates Shailene Woodley, Shamaya Bolton, and Ashley Smith were chosen for further competitions. In 2013, when she was only 14 years was crowned Miss Brazil, Victoria also participated in the Miss World contest in the same year but was unplaced. 

The life story of Victoria Matosa!!

She is widely known as Snapchat queen Uganda. Victoria is so far possibly one of Uganda’s most flourishing socialites on social media with over 2.9 million supporters only on Instagram and over 190,000 followers on Facebook. 

She is earning a good amount of money from sponsors as well. According to reports, it was revealed that she usually charges between $3–5K for one sponsored post that features her content on social media. Although, Victoria has not said anything about her or any of the relationships reports said that she was once rumored to be dating Eddy Kenzo Ugandan who is a music impression. This also came from a chitchat that Eddy Kenzo publicly claimed to be interested in Victoria Matosa. This bonding didn’t last long because he already had another girlfriend at the same time.

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Working as an influencer Victoria has also modelled beside U-Turn rapper Qubani previously. Victoria Matosa is also a music lover, her latest music video Two sizes too small has just been released on the market. Her video is about overcoming the various obstacle of women to get their confidence such as weight issues which is a big hindrance for them to get success in life due to lack of confidence.

How did she start her career on social media?

Victoria is a talented and enthusiastic girl who is now an Instagram star. She entered the spotlight of social networks in 2013 when her many photos went viral. At this point, she is quite active on social networks with 2.9 million followers only on Instagram. Above and beyond that, she also has a huge number of followers on other social media platforms such as Twitter. 

Victoria’s parents and siblings

She belongs to a reputed family and all in her family including her parents are well-educated. Her father Mrs Samuel Chukwuma is her mother’s name and she is a doctor by profession with some specialization in Obstetrics & Gynecology.  Her father’s name is Mr Elizabeth Chukwuma-Matosa who is a professor of Medicine at Rivers State University of Science & Technology (RSUST). 

If we talk about her siblings Victoria Matosa has two younger sisters. The eldest sister’s name is Claudia Joy; she is currently pursuing her MBBS degree in Jos, Nigeria. Whereas, Charley Grace is her younger sister who recently graduated from high school in 2018, and is planning to go to Niger Delta University to study Architecture as her further studies.

They were three siblings and it seems that her childhood life was tough enough because living In Africa is not easy. Unfortunately, at the age of 13 only she lost her father. This was a hard time that puts a constraint on certain things. 

After the death of her father, she dropped out of school and started doing work as a waitress. Soon she involved herself in 18+ videos and also started stripping as well. 

How about her studies and education degrees?

In 2010, Victoria Matosa graduated from high school having been registered at St. Ignatius College Prep for her whole education. For the period of her student life, she involved herself in several activities of vocal performance and visual arts via many ensembles such as Bel Canto Women’s choir, and Encore. 

She was fond of music and dance since her childhood, in her school time when she was just 4 she began to attend tap dance classes and fell in love with those lessons. She also joined a marching band as well as a student musical theatre company in her middle school time. She also performed on stage during her school celebration times. 

Throughout middle school, along with tap dance classes, she continued to have rehearsals of art classes in choir and jazz band. 

She completed her education qualification with a degree in business administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais. She did a civil law course at UFJFMG Federal University of Juiz de Fora and finished this in the year 2012. 

Victoria herself attended Pennsylvania State University for her both MA and PhD degrees in mass communications. She started her career as media secretary for former Rivers State Governor Donald Duke while she was in office. After that Victoria moved on to become a PR officer for PDP gubernatorial candidate Barnabas Gemade who lost his tender during that year of eligibility.

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Her interest in other recreational activities!!!

Victoria also made an effort in the painting field as well. It was the activity class when students were allowed to expose themselves to the outside world besides their comfort zones. She did many activities in her school time and college time. At her growing age, she tries to maintain a connection between her today’s interests with all other hobbies. 

Relationship of Victoria Matosa

She is single till now because she has not shared any information on any of her posts about her boyfriend or any other lucky man in her life. This is a likelihood, that he may be Joe Jonas or Tyler Oakley or David Dobrik or Josh Peck or any other. To date, she has not yet shared any boyfriend status on her profile so it is acceptable that Victoria Matosa is still not in a relationship with anyone. 

It seems that Victoria is dedicated to her career and does not take any interest in relationships. Furthermore, there is no special man in her life although two guys have tried hard to persuade her heart but in vain. These men have been affianced with many chitchats and speculations but they did not get her valuable time. 

Though through resources it was found that Victoria has a boyfriend named Joel Bateman. He works in radio, according to the gathered information he proposed Victoria Matosa in 2017, on the eve of Christmas. He also offered a diamond ring to her and the pair also announced their engagement. But now several years have passed and there is no further information about this relationship. 

The best career facts of her life!!!

To begin with, before she became admired on Instagram she did not know much about modelling. Secondly, she was involved in modelling just to get her appearance on runways and not to launch her fashion line sooner or later. As a result, when she started modelling her early days were full of struggle because she had to learn from scratch of modelling profession. It is also revealed that Victoria Matosa joined the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at the time of her college.  

Moreover, she better knew how to become a star on Instagram with her unique photos and videos. She posts such tips on fashion and daily lifestyle that the youth like the most. Her regular postings with all expected stuff and content are making her popular day by day. 

Victoria is an actress and a social media star who has tried her chances in diverse industries of acting. At the start, she initiated working as a fashion model. Sooner she realized that her favourite profession is acting and she joined an Australian drama series named ‘Tomorrow’. This drama acting brought much popularity for her. 

After that, she appeared in many TV shows and over eight movies, and this has gained much name and fame globally. She got immense esteem in acting when she acted in a Filipino drama named ‘Your Song alongside Anne Curtis’ In which she played Judy Santos and that was an award-winning drama. 

Moreover, she also acted in many other popular  Philippine dramas including 100 days to heaven and Sabel. Victoria Matosa also played a role in a romantic comedy with Enrique Gil. This romantic comedy was with the name ‘Love You to The Stars and Back ‘. Along with Victoria, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto also acted in the same comedy movie. 

How did Victoria Matosa become trendy on the Only Fans channel?

Only Fans is a TV dating show where also Victoria Matosa has been making a name. She has had an interest in acting and modeling since her childhood. When she lost her dad at the age of 13 that was before puberty age. She did not have control over her senses and started doing 18+ videos. 

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She has a great body measurement with a size of 32-25-33 inches respectively. With this fantastic and attractive physique, she got numerous offers of making 18+ videos and soon she became popular in that. Now people can watch many of her videos and clips on the web. In one and the other, she had worked fantastically. In no time she got immense popularity on her only fans channel just because of her 18+  videos. 

Victoria’s career before modelling and Instagram!!

Earlier she was popular for her Tik-Tok videos. One of her videos got thousands of views in very less time and she became a TikTok star. Then she started her YouTube channel in 2014 but again shifted to TikTok in the year 2017. Here is the link to her YouTube channel: 

Click on that to watch her super fantastic videos. She has around 5K subscribers and is getting thousands of views on each of her shots or videos. This is the link to her video named: “Top 10 Victoria Matosa Videos 2021”

Here is her video she has used various handsome filters on her face to make her fans attracted and happy to see her. She is looking more and more beautiful in each of her applied filters. She got approximately 13,000 views on this video. 

Significantly her admiration of Tik-Tok and YouTube increased. She created many videos of her lifestyle that are quite impressive and attractive as well. When she uploaded her first video online she gathered 574 followers. 

How did she shift to Instagram and Modeling after becoming a Tik-Tok star?

After completing her British reality show in 2017 she started her field of modelling. She got fame by appearing on many magazine pages and on TV shows. She has also covered many commercials in her career. Victoria Matosa has worked in Hollywood movies too. 

Her best popular movies are: 

  • Fat Slags in 2000
  • Kingdom Come in 2001
  • The truth about love in the year 2003

If we talk about her Instagram shows and posts then her recent post of her is:

This is a short reel where she just showed her lingerie wearing after her dress. On this post, she got 77,000 likes in just a few hours. Furthermore, she is getting much popularity on many of her posts and reels on Instagram. 

The net worth of Victoria Matosa!!

The beautiful and sensational model owns a net worth of approx $2 million. Modelling and influencing Instagram is her main source of Income. In addition, she is working for magazine covers like Bazaar, Vogue US and Dazed, from there also she is earning much revenue. 

Top ten facts about Victoria Matosa!!

  1. She has her eccentric style that is unbeatable by anyone else
  2. She is an actress, model, social media influencer and promotional brand star.
  3. The best thing is that Victoria is passionate about raising alertness about HIV AIDS. 
  4. She also makes free school visits to Metro Manila for free HIV testing. 
  5. Victoria Matosa also worked as a philanthropist where she found a foundation named Filipinos standing tall. This charity is working to protect children from sexual brutality and cruelty. 
  6. Her Zodiac sign is cancer and she is just like her sign and is bold and beautiful.
  7. Victoria loves to play basketball and to play the guitar.
  8. Her favorite food includes Spanish and Italian.
  9. Along with singing and dancing, she is fond of photography and surfing. 
  10. She posted a debut photo on Instagram on 6th December 2017. 

Final words about Victoria Matosa

Victoria is a Brazilian girl and is working nicely as an Instagram influencer. She better knows which posts are to link on social media to influence folks and to get much popularity. Moreover, her black eyes, hair and fit body also helped her to get the admiration of her fans. She keeps on posting of herself in Bikini and skimpy lingerie.

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