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Instagram can be leveraged to be the one and only platform to grow your business, but if you know how to use it effectively. Instagram can be a very useful marketing platform whether you want to reach  more customers, get in touch with your valuable audience , or initiate a successful brand.

In order to build a successful brand through Instagram, you have two options: either work hard 24/7 and achieve your goal or work smartly by hiring dedicated Instagram growth services, which will do all the hard work for you.

Suppose you choose to go with the second option, congratulations! Now the only thing left is to hire a growth service that will work with you effortlessly.

We recommend you to go with GRAMiety. It is the best Instagram growth service out there that is highly reliable and safe. GRAMiety guarantees you growth by real people and not bots.

GRAMiety sets up within minutes and features a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with their services. They offer three plans: first is standard, which starts with $79/month, then Premium, which starts with $129/month, and lastly Turbo, which starts with $199/month.

With the help of GRAMiety, you can reach your goals, gain more followers, and boost your brand presence.

Apart from that, there are many more benefits of using growth services like GRAMiety. So if you want to know more about it, read this article till the end.

Huge following

Social media is like a maze; there isn’t one way to get real followers. In case of Instagram, you can use bots that will better engage with your audience, ensure more clicks, and increase sales for your business.

You might find it burdensome if you are handling Instagram yourself, so using growth services like GRAMiety can make things a lot easier.

Have a look at these tips to engage with your potential customers on Instagram:

1. Engagement is the first thing that you need to start with. So start engaging with content that is similar to yours within the same industry every day. Interacting with other users that have similar business to yours can increase your chances of being visible by other users.

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Also, remember that the more you engage, the more it increases your chances of being visible, thus getting you more followers. So, invest your time and look for the best quality accounts.

2. Second thing is to add long-tail and general hashtags in bulk while posting your content. You can even mix all the hashtags together to create a unique post.

3. After engaging with your potential accounts and adding hashtags, now it is time to add CTAs or call to action in the captions. Call to action may include tagging your friends and fans, asking them questions, or adding links to your favorite brands.

4. Then comes the best part: adding photos to your Instagram. In order to make an impression on your potential users, you can start adding pictures as it is a great way to express your emotion. This can encourage other people to check your Instagram profile and follow you.

5. So, you have added everything to your Instagram; now, the only thing left is to interact with your users by replying to the comments. If you keep on responding to the comments, your posts gain more comments.

Instagram automation

Instagram tools that are based on  automation like GRAMiety can help you a lot in generating more followers. GRAMiety can help you automate interaction, which will eventually grow and garner your profile.

Here’s how you can grow your Instagram profile using automation:

l Automate things like following and finding new accounts by simply telling Instagram bot about the hashtags you want to follow. After that, the bot will start following hashtags and the accounts automatically.

l Instagram bots can also help you to post automatically on Instagram and other social media platforms. Just create a post, schedule the time when you want to publish that post, and that’s it, you are done!

l You can also automate commenting on Instagram posts without spamming. You can start off by commenting on a few posts regularly. However, set timings to craft manual comments.

l With Instagram bots, you can also automate likes on the posts. Liking posts of influencers and other brands’ posts can also increase your chances of getting tons of followers.

l Instagram bots can also help you in creating awareness through the direct messaging method. Keep in mind to only use a few Instagram accounts regularly.

l With Instagram bots, you can automate them to unfollow accounts that you don’t like. .

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More followers and likes

If you follow and like others’ Instagram posts, chances are you can get the same in return. When you regularly follow and like your influencer’s posts and content, it may increase your chances of getting more followers and likes.

That is why using growth services like GRAMiety can help ; as it can help you do so. .

While  GRAMiety uses following and unfollowing methods to grow your Instagram, you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Here’s how growth services can increase your chances of getting more followers:

Run Instagram giveaways

Running an Instagram giveaway is a full-proof strategy to gain more users and brand engagement. You give something free, and in return, you get engagement, Instagram likes, followers, etc., when you run an Instagram giveaway.

Cross-promote hashtags

As mentioned earlier, adding hashtags is a great way to interact with your users. But do you know what’s more exciting? Making a hashtag for your brand! After you have created your brand’s hashtag, the next thing to do is add it to your Instagram profile bio.

If that’s not enough, you can even use it offline. Use it in print ads, add it to your event banners, and many more places. Also, don’t forget to add all your marketing campaigns like emails, websites, and social media platforms.


Get creative with hashtags and add one-word hashtags that are trending to your Instagram posts.

Make your bio more enticing

Create an enticing bio that lures more followers and link it to your company’s homepage. You can also keep it clickable to drive traffic and attract more users to your Instagram profile.

Expressive captions

While posting photos, use a different approach like storytelling. This will generate more sharing and engagement.

Influencer marketing

Look for influencers and connect with them on Instagram. Keep an eye on them, especially when they share new content by turning on your post notification settings.

Generate interesting Instagram content

If you wish to get more followers on your Instagram, try adding a personal touch. And for that, you can create interesting Instagram content by sparing some time. Trust us; you will save a lot of time and effort when doing the same tasks repeatedly. Also, adding a personal touch to your posts can attract a lot of potential users, and you might end up getting a huge fan following.

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You can also try these things to make your Instagram profile more interesting:

Behind the scenes

People always want something unique and interesting and behind the scenes is the perfect way to showcase it. Show your audience how you produce your products or how much time does it take to get the perfect shot.

Current events

Create more posts and content on trending topics and current events, for instance, the Ukraine-Russia conflict or conferences and local events.


Make possible collaborations with experts in your niche and create a campaign with them to share the same target market.

Create a hashtag competition

Using growth services to gain more followers on Instagram will provide you enough time to focus on hashtags contests to engage more users to your brand.

Plan your Instagram posts

Planning your Instagram posts ahead of time can save you time and also creates consistency in your profile. Consistency is the key for some brands, and tools like Instagram scheduler can create a consistent business.

Features Instagram scheduler offers:

l Integrated media library to easily store all your contents.

l Social media calendar to remind your perfect day and time to publish posts.

l Cropping feature lets you edit and crop the pictures into the scheduler.

l Account switch lets you switch between different Instagram accounts quickly and efficiently.

Splendid designs 

As an amateur, it is hard to design Instagram visuals, isn’t it? But thanks to the Instagram tools available these days, you can create stunning visuals without having extensive knowledge about designing.

Creating visuals all by yourself won’t just save your time hiring a designer, but it will also improve your creative skills. Today, Instagram tools are available in a variety of formats, designs, themes, and presets to select from, making visuals a lot easier.


Instagram growth services are great if you really want to grow your brand and gain more followers. These services offer some great features so that you don’t have to perform these tasks manually.

So, if you want to save time and focus on other things, you can hire popular growth services like GRAMiety, which will do the work for you. Furthermore, they will also offer you a dedicated account manager who will keep track of your profile and keep you updated.


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