Everything You Need To Know About Casino Cruises

Few, if any, types of fun compare to the excitement of taking a vacation on a cruise ship. The fine dining, karaoke, escape-room adventures, and Broadway-caliber musicals are all worth the easy effort of boarding a cruise ship one of these fine days.

Gamblers have an even stronger incentive to hop on the next cruise escapade and enjoy the thrill of earning real money while busking in the coziness of a luxury voyage. While on a cruise, a cruise ship casino is the icing on the cake. Here’s everything you need to know about casino cruises.

What To Expect

There will be a lot of casino activity on a casino cruise. The casino is usually the busiest place from sunup until late at night. The cruise experience, on the other hand, is dependent on the cruise line chosen. Onboard casinos are available on most large cruise ships. There are some exceptions, such as Disney Cruise Line’s cruise ships, which do not have the facility, and Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America. Casinos are also available on smaller ships, such as the 980-passenger Crystal Serenity and the Crystal Symphony.

The Casino Cruise Experience

You can expect a similar experience to that of any other casino as well as added luxury features. The casinos on cruise ships are very similar to those found on land. The gaming floor is identical to that of a traditional casino.

Due to the limitations imposed by the decks above and below the casino space, most cruise casinos have low ceilings. The cruise casino is cozier as a result of this modification. However, some ships, particularly the newer ones, have more open casino plans.

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For both beginners and experts, the experience on a cruise ship is as good as it is on land. The difference between a cruise casino and a land-based casino is almost imperceptible. Cruise casinos are usually packed with people in a festive mood and the quality of service in such establishments is exceptional.

Casino Cruise Trends

Casino cruising is undergoing a number of changes that are affecting the status quo. One of the current changes is an increase in the number of passengers seeking to meet new people and spend time with old ones. In terms of social activities, cruise ship casinos outperform land-based casinos because people stay on board for a week or more, giving them enough time to form and nurture relationships. Because of this realization, more people are opting for casino cruises rather than visiting land-based casinos.

After the success of luxury cruise gambling in the United States and the Caribbean, many casinos have taken a gamble on gamblers heading to the Middle East. In December 2018, the first ever casino cruise on the Red Sea was launched, a 5-star luxury cruise ship with live shows, an onboard casino, and a range of food options. The Red Sea is a refreshing change with its rich coral reefs and marine life. The Nile River in Egypt is another popular destination with many casino cruise liners. The popularity of casino cruises in the Middle East goes beyond the actual cruise ship casinos. Inspired by the real casino cruises, Genesis Global, a Malta-based iGaming company launched their online gaming platform, Casino Cruise in 2016. With a promise to set sail for an imaginative first-class casino cruise with 5-star service, the brand has become the most successful online casino in the Middle East. 

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Gambling Options in Casino Cruises 

Cruise ship casinos offer popular types of gambling, such as slot machines, table games, and a variety of poker games. Passengers can play any game they want against other passengers or the dealer.

On some ships, players may be able to play Texas Hold’em on dealer-dealt tables. This feature is available on most Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line ships. Other cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises, have electronic Poker Pro tables on their ships.

On the other hand, some ships may lack such features that make certain games easier to play. Some ships, for example, do not offer Texas Hold ’em, while others do not offer any poker variants. Baccarat is only available on a few cruise ships.

Despite the availability of a variety of gambling options, it is important to note that cruise ship casinos do not pay particularly well. They are predisposed to favor the house, making cruise casino gambling less profitable than land-based gambling but the difference is inconsequential.

Parting Shot

These and other developments are expected to inspire a number of other changes that may result in a different future for casino cruises. The new decade comes with a new zeal for never experienced before tourism and casino cruises rank among the best ways to explore the world.