Top-notch Podcast Transcription Software You Should Try

It is a no-brainer that podcasts are extremely popular these days. Actually, there are over 30 million episodes in hundreds of languages online, which shows that you should work a lot in order to stand out among other content makers. And that’s why it is essential to ensure that new episodes of your podcast are optimized, are accessible, and are visible for the huge audience that you’re trying to reach. It goes about text transcriptions — documents that represent the spoken version of your audio podcast.

Why Do You Need Professional Podcast Transcription Services?

On the one hand, you launch your podcast in audio or video format because you want to create audio or video content. That’s why it is pretty understandable when some podcasters ask: “Why should I pay for transcription, where will I post this document?” Well, if podcasting is just your hobby, don’t worry about promoting, expanding to new markets, growing a loyal audience, etc. However, if you want more, you surely need to find the best podcast transcription software for the following purposes:

  • You can’t launch an SEO campaign for your podcast if you don’t have any text content.
  • You can’t create subtitles in various languages for your listeners from different countries when you don’t have a high-quality transcript in English to work with.
  • You should spend more time creating newsletters, posts for your social media, different promo materials, etc. when you don’t have your episodes transcribed.
  • You can’t access a huge part of your potential audience, i.e., people with disabilities.
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Now, as you know about the necessity of high-quality podcast transcription, it is time to choose the best service according to your needs. 

05 Lit Transcription Services You Can’t-Miss 

If you’re a fresh podcaster, you may think that you should deal with all the tasks yourself due to the limited budget. In fact, it is always worthwhile to outsource this part to professionals who are able to properly transcribe your content. So, we’ve selected outstanding services with affordable pricing plans and some extra options that you’ll appreciate. 

1. Transcriberry 

Transcriberry is a professional transcription service with a primary goal to make customers happy. This company always gathers and studies feedback to boost its services so that they meet your expectations. 

So, what are the benefits you’ll surely appreciate?

  • Experienced team. Transcriberry works with talented international transcriptionists who know their onions. They deal with various orders from different podcasters, which helps them to analyze customer’s requests. 
  • High-level podcast transcription software which works fast and accurately.
  • Individual approach. Whatever your expectations are, Transcriberry will exceed them. Even if you want an auto transcribe audio service, you can be sure that the work will be done according to your requirements.
  • Affordable prices. Rates start at $1.25 per minute when it goes about manual transcription and 25 cents per minute with automated transcription. It is a really good price, even for junior podcasters without solid budgets. And just imagine how much time you can save by ordering affordable transcripts of any volume. 

2. Trint 

Trint is a popular transcribe recording service that is easy to use. Just upload your podcast episode, and this web-based tool is going to analyze them and provide you with the text generated with AI. If necessary, you can highlight some segments of your documents and export them in specific formats. 

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Speaking about Trint’s pros, it is necessary to mention that the overall process is very fast; there are many text editing tools to your advantage, 27 languages available for transcription. There are also many integration opportunities. At the same time, you should be ready that this tool comes with a short trial period, and its pricing policy is not really pretty affordable — the pricing plans start from $44 per month. 

3. Happy Scribe 

Looking for a solution that will make the process of converting audio to text breeze? Happy Scribe can be a good option for you. It is a web-based tool that supports different languages and works both with audio and video episodes.

To start with this software, you need to upload a podcast episode. Pay attention to the fact that automatic transcription always requires editing. You’ll have to detect segments of the document where the AI wasn’t accurate so that you can get rid of mistakes before sharing your transcription. 3 hours of subscription will cost you $30 monthly. 

4. Simon Says 

This automated transcription service is intended to help you with your podcast. You can choose one of over 90 languages, create captions and subtitles, and edit your documents according to your needs. The overall transcription process is very fast, and once it is finished, you can download a text file in whatever format you need. 

Speaking about Simon Says’ advantages, we would mention its powerful AI system that is able to recognize speech at a high level. Podcasters will also appreciate the opportunity to highlight quotes, add bookmarks, and export documents directly to the software you use to edit your podcast episodes. Speaking about cons, you should be ready that audio and video file formats are limited, and sometimes you have to convert your episode to proceed with it. Besides, many customers claim that the customer support quality depends on the plan that you subscribe for. One hour of transcription will cost you $15.

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5. Audext

Whether you need a transcription of your podcast, media, or some educational materials, you can benefit from using this tool. Just upload your episode, and you’ll receive a document in a couple of minutes. If there are some mistakes, you can correct them directly in the platform’s editor. 

Audext’s software is able to identify several speakers, which makes it a good option for content makers who host guests in different episodes. Audio playback speed is customizable, which also adds some extra points. However, there are no video transcription options, so you can proceed with audio files only. And you should be ready that transcription editing will take you some time since Audext’s online transcriber is not always accurate. Speaking about pricing, options start at $109 for 10 hours.







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