Macbook Repair Tips : What to Do If Macbook isn’t turning On?

While turning on your Macbook, if it doesn’t turn on or hangs on the way, then you would be feeling that your world is crashing in front of you. In some of the cases, you would be having some of the changes that would help you in fixing your Macbook without even going to the technicians. But before that, you must keep in mind that you check whether your Macbook is plugged into the power source and also if it hasn’t ruined the battery.

There could be several issues due to which your Macbook couldn’t be switching on. Don’t worry; you can easily fix some of the issues at home if you aren’t able to take your Macbook to Macbook repair center Mumbai to keep it in running condition.

Here in this article, we would be mentioning some of the issues which wouldn’t be letting your Macbook to power on. So, without wasting much time, let’s start with the first one:

#1. Check the Power of Your Macbook:

The first and the foremost thing you need to know is whether your Macbook has a full charge or not. If it has no power in it, then it could be one of the reasons so as to why the Macbook wouldn’t be powering on. In that case, plugin into the power source and then switch it on after some time.

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#2. Check The Charger Of Your Macbook:

After plugging in with the charger, if still, the battery isn’t turning on, then you need to check the charger wire and the connector pin. See if it’s in the fine condition. If you find something fishy, then there could be some issue with the charger. In that case, you can look for Macbook battery replacement as soon as possible as then it would develop the risk of getting damaged very soon.

#3. Boot Your Macbook:

Next, you can try to boot your Macbook if it isn’t turning on. There could be some of the chances that your Macbook would turn on when you boot it. If you see the display of safe boot, then you are at the safer side and you don’t need to get it repaired. You must actually go for this option before trying any other option or going for repair centers.

#4. Reset System Management Control:

The System Management Control is only responsible for most of the base level functions. Most of the subcategory function that comes under it is battery settings, display functions, and power button functions. You can also try to reset the System Management Control for better working of the system. There are two ways by which you can reset the System Management Control of your Macbook. Thus, you must research it wisely on how you could reset it.

#5. Re-install the Mac OS:

If your Macbook isn’t turning on, then it could be due to the software related problems also. Thus, you must first try to work with the above-mentioned solutions and then you must go for this. Next, you must uninstall the operating system of the Macbook and reinstall it again so that if in case there’s some issue with the operating system, it could get resolved and your Macbook starts to work like a pro.

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#6. Power cycle:

You wouldn’t be aware of the fact that every Macbook has a maximum power cycle count if you aren’t a tech-savvy person. If you notice that your Macbook has reached its limit, then it is vital that you must go for Macbook replacement so as to function your Macbook properly. This could also be one of the reasons so as to why your Macbook wouldn’t be turning on. Thus, you must keep a check on the power cycle of your Macbook.

#7. Hardware Issues:

Hardware-related problems could also be responsible for your Macbook not powering on. Also, it has been known that most of the issues that occur in the Macbook happen just because of the hardware. The hardware related issues affect the internal system and could also lead to more issues and that would affect each and every system of the Macbook.

#8. No Ram Installed:

If your Macbook has no RAM installed in your Macbook, then this could be also one of the reasons due to which your Macbook wouldn’t be turning on. Thus, it is important to have RAM installed inside each and every electronic device.

If you find out that none of the above-mentioned solutions are working in favor of you, then you must consider visiting the Macbook repair center Mumbai for getting your Macbook repaired. The reason for this is that your Macbook would then be in the hands of experienced technicians who would be having in-depth knowledge about how to repair it in the worst of cases.

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