Nike Dunk SB Low Shoes

Any definitive list of sneakers’ rankings is controversial. But to help you find the trendiest sneakers, we rank the most popular Nike Dunk SB Low shoes for 2022. Be sure to review the list to make your collection more exciting and stylish than ever!

There’s arguably any fashion trend that has been as popular as Nike SB Dunks. In the last few years, Nike has dropped several styles. Some of them garner more attention than others. 

It all started in 2002 when Nike released its first SB Dunk. Soon after that, dunks became a specialized category in the shoe world. 

Nowadays, many shoe brands make different types of sneakers. However, when sneakerheads are asked about dunks, the first name that pops into most individuals’ minds is Nike. In fact, Nike Dunk SB Low shoes are more popular today than ever. And, there is no sign that their popularity will decrease anytime soon. 

That said, how about exploring the top dunks by Nike that have been ruling the world of sneakers? Sounds awesome. Isn’t it? 

Representing the classic touch of the Travis Scott collection, Nike SB Dunk Low Travis Scott shoes are aesthetically-appealing, comfortable, and high-performance sneakers to make a unique style statement. 

What makes this Travis Scott dunks a standout is the color combination and pattern; khaki bases, checkered mid panel with ankle collars. What’s more impressive is that you can easily combine them even with simple clothes to stand out in the crowd. 

  • Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Ben & Jerry’s

If you wish to go bold and add many colors to your collection, ‘Ben & Jerry’s is an ideal pair of dunks for you. Wearing them brings an impeccable cool design and instantly grabs attention due to their green and blue leather bases. Also, its cow print layer and yellow swoosh provide a fun streetwear look. 

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Apart from appearance, Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry’s are lightweight and comfortable, features that enable you to wear them for many hours without feeling uncomfortable. 

  • Off White X Nike Dunk Low ‘Dear Summer – 18/50’

For the fans of classic white, here’s the perfect Nike Dunk SB Low: Off White X Nike Dunk Low ‘Dear Summer – 18/50’. It offers a fascinating monochromatic tone through Nike dunk’s attractively off-white. Its pale yellow soles make it different from traditional white. Also, an extra white lacing system provides the wearer with better support. 

In addition to an extraordinary design, the off-white dunks by Nike offer comfy cushioning. Their durable construction and flexibility provide them with a cushy and smooth feel. 

  • Nike SB Dunk Low X Grateful Dead Yellow Bear

If you wish to add something unique and stylish to your dunk collection, Nike SB Dunk Low X Grateful Dead Yellow Bear is what you must look for this year. Although yellow on the toe, ankle collars, and canvas bases are the main highlight of the dunks, there is a pinch of blue color that makes the pair stand apart.

Grateful Dead Yellow Bear is much more than appeal. The pair provides a fun, vibrant feel to complete your streetwear style. Words cannot describe the experience you get wearing these sneakers. To get that feel, grab a pair for you. 


There is a vast selection of Nike Dunk SB Low shoes on the market. And, most of them are cool and fun to add to your collection. Apart from these trendy dunks, find the most popular and the newest sneakers to show your stylish side to the world! 

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Happy Sneakers!