Simple Guide to Using Quora for Marketing

You probably asked a question on google and ended up on the quora website for the best possible answer. You were also spending hours after hours in the Quora app and exploring unique answers. That is the power of this best QNA platform in the world. 

If you are a digital marketer, you will always seek a strategy to drive traffic to the website. In this case, using quora for marketing could be an effective solution if you know how to do that. Thus, read this article where I am going to explain the quora platform and marketing opportunities and strategies. 

Why Does Quora Stand Apart From Others For Marketing?

Quora is not the only platform that can drive traffic to a particular web property or product. Yet, it stands out from others when it comes to marketing. Apart from driving traffic, you need to gain trust and brand value and build relationships with your customers. These are the reasons you should use quora for marketing

Find Targeted Audiences

Rather than gain ten customers with no interest in your niche, finding a customer who has an interest in your niche is the best practice of marketing. And it will help you to bring more conversion. And you can target your audience based on their interests and questions. 


You can use quora to build a personal brand by sharing your knowledge and expertise on topics you know about. You can also use Quora to connect with people with similar interests and build relationships with potential customers or clients.

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Increase Brand Value And Relationship

While you answer your customer’s question, that helps to build credibility and trust with the customer. Thus it bonds you with your customers and makes them loyal to you and your product. Also, knowing your expertise in this field makes them depend on you for the best possible solution. 

Improve SEO

I do not need to tell you the importance of SEO for your web property. Apart from answering the questions, you can include links to your website or blog. And getting a link from the high domain authority quora website will boost your website’s search engine ranking. 

Are You New On Quora? Quick Glossary To Understand The Platform Better

These are the quick glossaries to help better navigate this platform. 

Upvote: Quora upvotes are signs of finding the right and helpful answer. Someone providing you an upvote means he finds your answer helpful. 

Downvote: When an answer is not relevant or valuable, you can provide a downvote to indicate that. It is the opposite of an upvote.

Share: You will find it between the upvote and downvote buttons. You can use it to share an answer to your quora profile or other social media platforms. 

Thanks: It is the enhanced gesture of an upvote – it means you find the answer helpful enough to thank the person. 

Bookmark: If you need the answer for the future, you can bookmark it to find it easily. 

Report: When someone intends to use this platform to misguide people, you can report the answer or profile to help the quora moderator team. 

Effective Way To Use Quora For Marketing

Knowing the benefits of Quora marketing will not help unless you try it. And only doing it the right way is the key to achieving success. Let’s walk through the marketing journey step by step. 

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A Great Profile Is The Key To Attraction

There is a misconception about using invalid information while creating an account for marketing. If you are one of those, it is the first mistake you are making. Impress your customer with a gentle profile. 

By gentle profile, I am not talking about being a corporate guy with a formal dress and other stuff. Here you have to express yourself with the correct information about yourself that can attract people. 

Input all the information as you do on other social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. And mention your expertise and link your website or other web property. 

Follow Topics That Related To Your Industry

After creating the profile and filling in all the necessary information, you should follow the topics related to your niche. It will help quora to find the related question that you seek. And you will get the related queries regarding your niche or industry. Apart from answering the questions, it will also help you find answers. 

Find Questions To Answer

You will see a ton of questions in your feed. However, you should find that specific question that you can answer better. Giving an unspecified answer is not the right way. Unless you know it properly, you should avoid answering.

Otherwise, it will do the opposite of boosting your profile. 

Here, if you see people already provided the accurate answer, there is no need to repeat the same unless you can explain it better. 

Also, you should answer the questions as quickly as possible. Being the first answerer can help you get views and quora upvotes better than others. 

Moreover, you can answer the questions that are ranked on search engines. If you can provide a better answer, it will boost your profile and property better. 

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Answer Like There Is Nothing Left To Know

When you are answering a question, clarify it properly. Users should get an adequate answer that can help them. To do that, you need to provide some examples and, in some cases, add pictures to explain it further. 

However, you should never change the track. Never extend your answer with unusual words. Always provide a simple and accurate answer. 

As a newcomer, you can build trust and make your answer true by giving some references. Adding the source of your info will not divert the customer. Perhaps it will help them to understand that you are providing information from legitimate sources. 

Link To Your Website

When answering a question, you can keep it short and link to your website page to explain it further. In quora, explaining it elaborately is not possible or the best idea. So, you can summarize the answer by linking to your blog to explain it better. Therefore, converting the quora traffic into your website will be easier.

Paid Marketing For The Quick Conversion

Like other social media platforms, you can also run ads on quora to drive traffic or increase brand awareness. And it will take a few minutes to create an ad account. Here is how to create ads:

  • Go to the quora business website and create your ad account. 
  • Now create a campaign and set up everything according to your expectations. You can set ads for conversions, app installs, traffic, and brand awareness. 
  • Then set your audience
  • Add images for your campaign
  • Finally, finish your campaign by adding payment information. 


Use quora to build a relationship with your customers and find new customers. Always provide the answer that is helpful to the users. And add references to make your answers strong. Make a profile with all the necessary information and add your website link. 


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