Telegram Marketing

Telegram is distinguished by deep user engagement and instant messaging, and you can promote anything here, from real estate to crochet courses.

Features of placing an ad in Telegram:

  • Telegram doesn’t have flashy banners or videos. The audience is interested in text, not pictures. So, there is only one format — post and links. Telegram ads platform offers its help in placing your offers there.
  • The main traffic is on smartphones. If you run Telegram ads to promote your site, adapt them for the mobile version.
  • The audience on Telegram channels is very loyal. For example, promotion is often cheaper than on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on.
  • There are no extended demographic statistics. You don’t know the location, gender, and age of users — only interests. You see the channel statistics by the number of subscribers and views of publications.

What opportunities do you have on a Telegram ads platform?

  • Advertisers now have access to placement directly from authors. In some cases, advertisers can communicate directly with the blog author.
  • It is possible to purchase advertising through agents or brokers, intermediaries who negotiate with the author, look for advertisers, and take either a percentage of sales or a fixed fee for their work. Unfortunately, choosing this method, you run the risk of facing scammers who are not even familiar with the authors of the channels you have chosen to place your ads.
  • Purchase of placements of ads through a Telegram advertising platform. Here you can advertise on various topics. And you can use the website.
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Most exchanges operate like a bulletin board. Here you can search by name, category, and other optional values — it all depends on the service. After the search, a list of suitable advertising channels is displayed on the screen. A standard set of information: avatar, title, description, conditions, cost of placement, and a link.

Automated paid exchanges allow you to advertise on Telegram in one click, without any communication. The customer clicks the “Buy” button, selects the date and time, uploads the text and materials of the publication, and waits for the manager or the system itself to publish the advertising post. This format of work describes the overall functionality of the services. More detailed analytics must be carried out for specific project goals.

Telegram Ads Platform: Why It Can Help You

  • With the help of the website, you can quickly get an interested audience in a matter of hours.
  • Live audience only. doesn’t have channels with bots. Thanks to this, the effectiveness of advertising is much higher. All channels are carefully moderated;
  • Work directly. The website blocks all kinds of intermediaries — advertising agencies, etc. Everything is arranged as simply as possible, so users will be able to understand everything themselves and not overpay;
  • Paying customers. According to statistics, the average age of the audience in Telegram is from 23 to 35 years old. Your ad will be demonstrated to them;
  • Fast effect. The average time between the publication of a post and the familiarization with it is about 4 hours. This means that about 80% of your potential customers will see Telegram advertising in the next few hours.
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The platform is a kind of connecting link between the customer and the owner of the channel, as well as the guarantor of money transactions. With the help of, you can also analyze competition with similar channels, study statistics, user activity, audience growth, analyze topics, and so on. You can also adopt effective schemes for attracting subscribers, which are used by competitors. 


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