What to consider when buying CBD products for your dog

Dog owners give their furry friends CBD oil. The reason for this is to help their dogs to stay healthy and feel better. It’s known that CBD helps dogs with diverse health issues. These include epilepsy, arthritis, vomiting, and nausea. To ensure that the CBD product is of good quality, check to get more info on the product. The information should include the bioavailability, manufacturer, and CBD product type.

It’s also better and safe to check the growing conditions of the cannabis plant. The conditions may include soil quality, temperature, humidity, and the watering system. Are you choosing CBD product for the first time? Here are the best six things you need to consider. 

The CBD product type

The very first thing to come to your mind should be the product type that you need. There are many product types in the market today. Whichever you will land at will depend on your preferences and the conditions for usage. At this stage, consider the following;

  • Tinctures have immediate effects as they get absorbed directly by the body. It’s easy to use them to help in many health conditions. 
  • Capsules take between 20 to 30 minutes before causing any effects to your dog. The reason behind this is that they have to go through the digestive system. They aid in many dog diseases and are easy to use since you can hide them in dog food
  • Treats are the best since dogs love them. They need time before the effects surface. They have to go through the digestion process like capsules. 
  • Topicals have almost immediate effects and are easy to apply. The direct impact is because they get absorbed directly via the skin. You can use them to treat specific physical conditions only like a muscle, nerve, and joint pain. They are also vital for inflammation. 
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Country of origin

The country of origin talks more about the plant growing conditions. If cannabis is from the USA, it’s evident it received proper growing conditions. The same applies to cannabis from countries that have legalized this plant. The suitable conditions include adequate light, humidity, and specific temperature. Healthy soil is also a proper condition. If the cannabis is from countries that regard it as illegal, it means it didn’t get the needed requirements. 


Always buy your products from reliable and well-known brands. Always be keen on the manufacturer before you choose the product. Visit their profiles on social media, and read all the customer reviews. You will be able to know if the manufacturer is reliable and reputable. 

Extraction method

It’s essential to check the extraction method as it determines product safety. The main extraction methods are olive oil, co2, solvent-based extraction, and dry ice. The co2 process is the best, but it doesn’t disqualify the rest. The solvent-based extraction method uses substances like propane and butane. The two are toxic to a dog. 

Third-party and content results

Always read the content and label of the product you buy. Pay attention to the THC information. The recemented THC is 0.3 percent, but go for the 0% THC product when you don’t need THC. 

Full-spectrum vs. CBD isolate

Any CBD product can be full spectrum or isolate. If it is isolated, it means it has only CBD (cannabidiol). The full spectrum means it has more cannabinoids, including terpenes, flavonoids, and THC. It means all these components collaborate to give your dog many benefits. 

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CBD is an important thing to add to your dog’s treatment. Following the steps discussed in this article will enable you to get the best quality CBD for your dog. They will help in boosting the diet and treating several diseases that affect dogs.



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