Tips to Be a Pro at Social Media Marketing

The world observes technological advancements every passing day, and it has been impacting almost all aspects of human life. Businesses are incorporating the new world’s methods in their daily operations as well as their long-term plans. Strategizing a marketing plan has always been essential, but digital marketing is a handy trend that many companies invest in. It is because of the promising high returns on investment that come with this type of promotional tactic.

Social media marketing is one way of the effective digital marketing strategy. Businesses of all sizes are using it at s a way to promote their product. From acquiring leads to generating web traffic, social media sites are proving to be a valuable platform. Not only this, but e-commerce has taken up a large part of social media. And users are continuously presented with several companies selling their required products or service.

It provides businesses with a unique outlet to showcase their product differentiation and bridges the buyer and seller gap. Thus, social media marketing is more of a necessity than a choice in today’s business world because it is a good determinant of a company’s success. Let’s have a look at some tips to become a pro at social media marketing:

Social media sites are an excellent platform to build links and attract new, potential customers to your business. Link building with social media is an effective tactic. Many SEO experts miscalculate the significance of social media in their link building strategy. It is a strategy that helps in generating website traffic. With almost everyone having easy access to social media on their smart devices, businesses are using this opportunity to direct attention to their products or services.

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With genius use of big data and analytics, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram funnel and filter target audience for your business. Your profile, ads, and product reviews run under their newsfeed, enabling them to search and learn more about you. Hence, adding your website link under your profile, bio, or in your posts could attract a lot of audience to your website. Marketers make use of Call to Action (CTA) words and phrases like “Learn More” and “Contact Us” to direct the users to their businesses. These buttons are hyperlinks to their company’s website.

  • Rank Social Media Platforms

It is a challenging task to keep active on social media. That’s why it is essential to rank and prioritize the social media networks and review analytics to determine which site is used by the most public. Recent research has discovered that almost 80% of adults online actively use Facebook, and only half of them are active on Instagram and Snapchat. The analytics also prove that the younger generation is more interested in, the newer sites, including Pinterest and Twitter, while the older audience is mainly on Facebook.

Similarly, the working population is regular users of sites like LinkedIn and Facebook Messenger. Ranking the social media platform and understanding your targeted audience’s place amongst hundreds of these sites is a crucial step to becoming professional at marketing. Remember to stay active on the digital platforms where you exist and let your customers find a way to your business.

  • Influence the Influencer

Influencer marketing is gaining more attention and response now than it ever did. It is mainly because of the positive impact on people’s lifestyle that these influencers are making. From hacks to product reviews, the public loves taking help from social media influencers. Businesses are wise enough to use these opportunities for their benefit as well. The most useful social media site to collaborate with influencers is Instagram. It provides you many opportunities to appear welcoming and trustworthy.

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Here, you can create partnered and sponsored posts with influencers; they will mention you or your product in their posts. Their large audience of followers is happy to read their reviews regarding a product they used or received in a PR package. It gives you a broader base to spread awareness about your product and build brand awareness. 

Other than this, you can pay these influencers to hold giveaways of your product. These are similar to product marketing through free samples but with more promotional planning and a wider audience. 

  • Reply and Respond Promptly

Social media makes it easy for marketers to run their promotional activities with innovative content with almost no restrictions. But it also allows customers to react with their freedom of expression and target their response to a global audience. That’s why marketers must understand that it is not just a platform to amplify content but to create a dialogue with the buyers.

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Hence, whenever you see a customer negatively review your product or comes up with a complaint, deal with them in an understanding manner. Try not to be defensive and own up your responsibility because, at that moment, you are not dealing with just one customer but many. Let them vent out their frustration and ask them to negotiate the solution; this way, you can seize up the opportunity to build a brand.

  • Make Use of Visual Storytelling

If you understand the necessity of staying different yet blending in with the original and new trends, then you’re winning! First and foremost, know that you are not the only one selling a product or a service like yours here; there are plenty of other competitors. Next, come up with innovative and unique ideas to grasp the attention of your potential customers.

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The most essential and helpful tactic is to create eye-catching content through visuals that encourage them to participate. You can start with using online tools and applications to develop color-coordinated banners, posters, business cards, and profile covers. Use striking templates for infographics and storytelling visuals for Instagram and Snapchat stories – you can use GeoFilters and Video Marketing. 

Lastly, try following the latest trends through incorporating your product in the local meme posts or adding catchy hashtags to start a trend. It keeps the customers engaged and helps them remember your brand’s name for a long time.


Conclusively, being a professional at social media marketing is not an easy task, and there’s a lot to learn. With cutthroat competition in the company, you’re going to go through several unfortunate mistakes. Still, you try to learn from them and do better.

Social media always has an ongoing race of which company can promote better rather than produce better. So, you must stay true to the core and value quality so that your customers can make an informed decision and choose you over and over again.


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