Change Odometer Mileage – Which Tools Do You Need?

Changing the odometer mileage isn’t a complicated task anymore. If you needed to have specific expertise before, now you can purchase a simple tool. Back in the days, people had to dismantle the dashboard and mess with the odometer itself to reverse the mileage. Not everyone was capable of doing so, but odometer fraud was still quite widespread. Needless to say that modern tools make it a lot easier to rewind the mileage whenever needed. Changing the odometer reading remains unethical, but that doesn’t stop people from investing in various mileage correction tools. Odometer rollback is still popular, but the mileage blocker from is a better alternative.

Is the mileage blocker the same as the odometer correction tool?

No, it’s not. It’s easy to assume that odometer rollback is the same thing, but the mileage blocker from follows a different concept. It’s a device that prevents your car from counting the miles when it’s in motion. The purpose of this tool is to test the performance of your vehicle and enable you to understand its specs fully. It’s more ethical and efficient and offers superior performance compared to other tools.

Why should you choose the mileage stopper instead?

We can spend a whole day talking about the advantages of the mileage stopper from, but none of them will matter unless you try it out yourself. This software will bring you closer to your vehicle and unveil its characteristics to you. You can install the mileage stopper in half an hour (maybe even less) and start using it right away.

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Unlike the odometer adjustment tools, this fella offers untraceable performance. It offers superior operation as it’s tailored to the specs of your car. Each model of the mileage stopper is made with a particular vehicle in mind. Moreover, its features are quite hard to find in other units.

The odometer blocker saves your settings no matter what

The odometer blocker from is advanced equipment that saves your settings. You won’t have to select the same mode every time you use it. It will remember previous changes you made and operate accordingly.

The mileage doesn’t increase after removing the kilometer stopper

The mileage won’t increase after you remove the kilometer stopper from your vehicle. Since it stops recording miles in the whole system of your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about the odometer jumping to a higher number immediately. Don’t forget that you should activate this tool in a controlled environment only.

It’s true, though, that some people activate the kilometer stopper on public roads. Such activity is unethical, so make sure you use this device correctly.


I won’t lie to you – it’s quite easy to change the odometer reading these days. However, using the odometer correction tool has countless drawbacks. Since its effects are easily traceable, you’ll end up in serious trouble if you’re caught. It’s always more reasonable to invest in tools such as the mileage blocker. It has a different purpose, yet it’s still quite useful in different applications. Make sure to utilize it ethically.


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