Three things you can still do with a bad credit score

Having a bad credit score can be like going to an overly expensive fair with only a few cents in your pocket. Everything is so good, but you can only look on and browse the stalls, knowing that the people at the front desks won’t even consider haggling with you. When you see everyone else around you having a good time, but you have so many opportunities cut off for you, you can feel excluded and miserable.

Fortunately, there are some lenders and services that are still open to you. This means that you are not fully excluded from the crowd, and you can work your way up to get a better credit score again. Here are three things that you can still do if you have a bad credit score. 

#1. Apply for car finance

Even with a bad credit score, you can apply for car financing. This can be a light at the end of the tunnel if you need a better vehicle. You can apply for monthly financing, which means paying a sum of money every month to hire a car essentially, or you can pay weekly car finance, the same prospect, but you pay a smaller sum every week. By paying these sums on time every time, you might increase your credit score a little. 

#2. Apply for a loan

You can still apply for a loan with bad credit. Some lenders will let you borrow from them in good faith that you will pay them back. There are even specialized companies that lend to those that have a poor credit score or history. This can help your credit score majorly and make you more attractive to lenders. Of course, this will take time, and you will have to make payments on time to stay out of debt and in full to get the most out of getting back your credit score after taking out a loan. 

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#3. Apply for a mortgage

You can still apply for a mortgage when you have a bad credit score. Much like with car financing and lenders, there are specialized services to help with cases with a bad credit score and history. By paying your mortgage and your bills on time, you can gradually raise your credit score, which can be a massive relief for some people. Some services also offer mortgages for those with a short credit history too, which can be even more great news for first-time or young buyers. 

To wrap things up

When it comes to figuring out what you can and can’t do when it comes to having a bad credit score, it might feel like you have every door slammed in your face. Don’t let this discourage you. There are still many options available to you if you have a bad credit score. This can be car financing, applying for a mortgage, or applying for a loan. This can be a great way to boost your credit score, too. 


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