Hiking is an important pastime for many Americans. This is particularly true for those living in the western reaches of the United States. Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and the hundreds of thousands of square miles of terrain that surrounds them offer the outdoorsy-type a never-ending adventure in all the beauty that nature has to offer. Yet injuries are common among hikers and those who love to camp in the heart of the wilderness.

The terrain and weather can be savage in the best of times, and headaches, back pain, and many other issues can easily arise as a result of a fall during a hike or rough sleeping through a storm that suddenly presents itself after you’ve made camp for the night.

If you’ve been injured while out on the trail, finding a chiropractor in Denver is one of the first steps you should take in order to speed your recovery along. Chiropractors are professional medical specialists who understand the nuances of the human body unlike many other within the field. They can offer a direct line into the underlying problem and offer lasting solutions to your neck pain or headaches.

Chiropractors lean on adjustment as the first line of defense against new injuries.

Chiropractic procedures

Chiropractic procedures often begin with an adjustment. This process is simple yet effective for many of the patients who bring lingering pain from sports injuries, daily tasks, and of course, hiking traumas to the table. This is often where a chiropractor will begin when seeing a new patient. The bones that make up your back and spine are fragile, and great care must be taken to maintain a proper alignment here. Yet millions of Americans and those beyond fail to realize the importance of the spinal column until it’s too late.

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Regular appointments with your local chiropractor can get you the relief you need with the help of an alignment procedure. Simply put, this is the targeted manipulation of these small bones along the spine. Trained professionals are able to target the source of back pain and much more by finding the nuanced line that your spine should fit within, yet has deviated in small ways from. Aligning these joining bones can instantaneously improve your posture, pain level, and mobility. There are a variety of other resources that a chiropractor can use if adjustment alone isn’t doing it though.

Hands-on remedies are a chiropractor’s specialty.

massage therapy

In addition to the adjustment table, many chiropractors employ massage therapy and other physical therapy techniques in order to target the underlying physiological issue that is causing you pain. It may be easy to place your finger on the spot that hurts or to point out a fall that you took while hiking as the culprit, yet the problem often runs deeper than this singular point of contact.

With massage therapy and other approaches, chiropractic care targets the full spectrum of the injury in order to gently handle the entirety of the injury, not just the surface-level components.

Digging down to the root of the problem and targeting the musculoskeletal division is where a chiropractor differentiates themselves from the pack. Many doctors and nurses will simply administer medication to manage the symptoms, while a chiropractor will look to find the source of pain—whether that’s a muscular bruise or tear, or a skeletal issue that runs deeper—and apply techniques that can alleviate the symptoms and the issue itself.

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With this holistic approach, chiropractic care is a fantastic resource for those who have sustained injuries on the mountain or in the National Park. Think of chiropractic treatment plans the next time you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain, or headaches after an injury.


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