Restaurant Web Design

Restaurant owners are experts at developing ideas and serving scrumptious delicacies. Increasingly, a large aspect of the guest experience is now becoming digital. Experts at web design Kelowna bc say that your restaurant website should be optimized enough to discover your food point and creative enough to entice them. 

So, what are the things you must include in your restaurant web design to attract customers? 

Contact details –

Including contact details on your web page is a must for your restaurant. You should include the phone numbers, address, and the number of operating hours of your restaurant. This makes it easy for the guests to find you. Moreover, if your restaurant operates in multiple locations, include all of those locations. This creates an incredible user experience and further helps you in getting a better rank in the google search engine. 

Keep your business up to date on Google My Business. The customer will first look into google. That is why keeping the information up to date is important for your restaurant. 

Link directly to social media –

It is important for the marketing aspect to create a consistent brand experience, whether it is on your site or social media. To make it easy for the target audience to contact you or maintain touch with your restaurant, connect your social media profiles to your site. Maintain the Instagram profile with top-notch visuals, utilize Facebook for sharing updates and promoting events. Thus, embed the links of your restaurant’s social media profile directly on your site to make it easy for the audience to share and access your page. 

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Gift cards –

Gift cards are like a micro-loan for immediate cash flow. If you provide gift cards to the customers, you can be almost sure that the customer will visit again. Promote these gift cards on your website, too, to make it even simple for the audience to find these gift cards and online ordering. Gift cards are undoubtedly an easy way to drive revenue. 

Online ordering –

As per one of the reports, nearly 80% of the guests prefer to place the order of the food items directly from a restaurant’s website. But it is only you who have to ensure to make it easy for them to order directly from your site. You can include the “order online” button or “reserve your seat” button directly at your homepage. 

Enticing photos –

One of the most effective methods to send messages about your business is imagery. Experts at Kelowna web design company believe that images and photos are the means to create expectations in the mind of the guests when they come to visit your place. If you are successful enough to include the photos that get the “Ooohs” from the audience, you have won their hearts. Many guests also love to share photos of their food and tag your restaurant whenever they visit you. So, enticing photos are a must to include in your restaurant web design.  

To sum it up

Your restaurant is not just only your business identity, but it expresses who you are and what the customers can expect from you. Your online presence must reflect the USP of your restaurant at every point. Therefore include the above-mentioned things in your restaurant web design, entice the customers and get better returns. 

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