The Most Amazing Experiences when you teach English abroad

So you’re thinking about heading out into the big wide world to get some exploring done. There are so many fantastic places, cultures and people just waiting to be discovered, maybe you’ll never want to come home again! 

Well, maybe you don’t have to. 

Why not turn your ideas for a short trip of discovery into something more lasting and meaningful, giving you the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime somewhere new in the world? 

There are a wealth of jobs to be found helping others to learn English, and you can see some of the most amazing places on Earth whilst you’re at it! Let’s have a look at some of these incredible jewels our planet has to offer.

1) The United Arab Emirates

This country really is one of our unexpected treasures. This is a great place to start. It is filled with opulent palaces, amazing architecture, and friendly people. If you want to Teach English in Abu Dhabi, UAE then there are plenty of exciting things to see and do whilst you earn and make a difference in people’s lives. 

Are you up for an adventure? You could take a camel ride, hire your own car, or even take a tour around the city by Ferrari! 

If culture is more your thing, Abu Dhabi boasts its own modern version of the Louvre in Paris, or if you simply want to soak up the view, there’s an amazing observation deck looking out at the sea.

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2) Hawaii

One of our planet’s most amazing volcanic archipelagos is filled with beautiful sights and experiences. 

From turtle snorkeling tours to war memorials, from local cultural dance ceremonies to one of the most scenic drives in the world along Hana Highway, there’s absolutely no way you could be bored if you took a teaching job in this little corner of paradise

Stunning nature abounds around every corner: swim in a waterfall, laze on one of the incredible beaches, or hike up a volcano. Truly something for everyone! And when you’re done with all that fun, why not finish the day off with a poke bowl and a side of poi, the local root vegetable!

3) Laos

Very much one of the planet’s hidden gems and often overlooked by travellers as they make their way around South East Asia, Laos is an incredible source of treats for all the senses. The beautiful Kuang Si Falls is just waiting to be dipped in, providing some refreshment from the beautiful warm days the country has. 

Elephant sanctuaries, water parks, and an abundance of stunning golden temples are there to be discovered, as well as friendly locals looking to learn English with you! A big plateful of the country’s specialty ‘laab’ will provide a delicious and nourishing addition to your list of world cuisine.

4) China

This really is a whole world of possibility in terms of English teaching and marvels to discover. China has developed into one of the most modern and affluent countries in the world and has a host of attractions, people and cultures for you to explore. 

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Some people even debate whether it will be English or Mandarin that will be the global language of the future! 

Linguistic arguments aside, there’s never been a better time to absorb all that China has to offer. Why not try the giant swing that launches you on a thrilling ride out above a cliff, go see the Great Wall of China or marvel at the technology the new city Shenzhen has to offer? 

That’s before we even think about the delicious cuisine! You can try traditional favorites or something more adventurous. Roast Scorpion anyone?

5) Iceland

Another volcanic island is waiting for you to explore! A little different from Hawaii though, with frozen landscapes and amazing hot springs you can bathe in to help you keep warm. 

This country boasts English education from an early age, so you are more likely to find teaching jobs in high schools and further education. Whilst you’re helping people master a second language, why not plan some exciting weekend and holiday trips? Get started on the country’s famous scenic Ring Road and take notes of places to go back to. Black sand beaches, stunning rock formations, and extinct volcanic craters are all there for the geology buffs out there, or the incredible modern architecture of the country’s churches and capital city Reykjavik if you prefer a cultural trip.

That’s just scratching the surface; when you teach English abroad, the possibilities are practically endless!