Let’s admit that Miami is a very specific and bright city in the USA. There are people who love the city or hate it and never come back there. It is the right place for rich people who choose a luxurious lifestyle. You must love the hot climate and bare humidity easily. It is a perfect place for you if you enjoy a mix of different cultures and traditions. If you are not tight on finances, you will always find excellent places to eat, entertain with friends, and enjoy warm weather with splendid beaches.

The Main Advantages of Living in Miami

  • Forget about time

When you live in Miami, time does not exist for you. You manage your time, and no one will accuse you of being a bit late for the meeting. Rich people choose Miami because they do not want to follow a specific daily routine and get stressed about being a couple of minutes late, as it happens in New York and other metropolitan cities. Living in Miami feels like a breath of fresh oceanic air. Your life will not run on a regular time schedule. 

  • Luxury Real Estate Market

If you want to live in one of the biggest buildings, you can invest into the Bentley Residences Hotel Miami and enjoy the most beautiful and eco-friendly environment ever! The tower will open in 2026, so you still have time to get a stunning opportunity to reserve your apartment in this paradise.

  • Access to the best oceanic beaches

If you enjoy going to the beach, Miami is your thing for sure. The best thing about Miami is that all the coastline consists of public beaches where you can meet your friends and have fun together. If you prefer to keep your privacy, the Bentley Residences Hotel Miami offers its future residents a private pool in every apartment. Miami is a touristic place, but as soon as you become its resident, you will find many isolated destinations, where you can spend a day at a luxury resort and get the best beauty and spa procedures throughout the entire year.

  • Access to Parks and Green Space
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People who want to keep the link with nature will find plenty of parks and gardens in Miami. It is essential for families with little children. Many fun adventures are waiting for you and your family members. Every park offers a clean and neat picnic area with grills to use and proper public restrooms. If you are tired of the burning sun, Miami offers plenty of activities on the water, impressive restaurants, cozy bars, and fitness activities to live the life of your dream. If you get tired of city life, you can enjoy a cruise adventure and spend a couple of days away from the never-sleeping city of Miami.

Challenges of Living in Miami

When you plan to move to Miami, you should know about certain challenges. Life in Miami is expensive. You will need to put some effort into creating the routine you enjoy. It is a tourist place, so we recommend you to get to the needed place a bit in advance to be sure to get the desired spot. Comparing the minor disadvantages of living in Miami makes us think that Miami and Florida, in general, give you a ticket to your own paradise. Privilege always has its cost, but the expenses are worth it!

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