Bagged Ice McDonald's Secret Offers

Does McDonalds sell ice and can they help you in an emergency? What kind of ice do they keep and how much can you buy? McDonald’s Corporation is an American multinational company that sells fast food, mainly burgers. The company was founded by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald. The first restaurant opened in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. 


Coming back to the original question, if McDonalds sells ice, your fast-food restaurant, McDonald’s is selling ice in an 8- or 10-pound bag and even though the ice is being sold at a ridiculously low price of up to $150, the cost of the bagged ice can vary on location. It’s madness to think of running your restaurant, hotel, or clinic without ice, whether it be for ice-cold beverages, preserving food, or using it to relieve swelling and pain in a hospital setting. You may even need extra ice when your guests drink more than expected on a hot day and your ice runs out. 

McDonald’s secret offer

Is the bag of ice sufficient for all your road trip needs? Are they the best place to get bagged ice? What deals do they offer on ice? Most McDonald’s are franchises, but selling bagged ice isn’t one of their policies, so it may well be that your McDonald’s doesn’t sell ice. However, at that price, it’s worth a look-see. 

We’re living in tough economic times and you have to get used to finding the best deals that can see you saving a bit. So when you’re looking for secret offers on the price of ice, you need to look at what Mcdonald’s can offer you.

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It’s worth checking out Mcdonald’s for cheap bagged ice as there is obviously something that people love about the fast-food joint. After all fast-food restaurant has been around since about the 1940s and they’re always coming up with ideas that keep people coming back. 

Now it’s their ice offerings, and you’d be surprised how many times arise when people suddenly need ice. It’s weird to think that Mcdonald’s, so well known for their hamburgers and fries, will have bagged ice as a purchasable item too. 

The price of bagged ice can vary

When you’ve got a family-do coming up, your small ice trays just won’t cut it on a hot day. So if you’re wondering where you can find affordable ice and enough of it, it’s at Mcdonald’s. Just remember that not all McDonalds are exactly the same. The price of their ice can vary according to the location you find yourself in and also the amount you buy. 

The secret ice offer is a bargain

It can be anything up to $1.50 a bag. That’s considered a bargain because if you check out your regular convenience store, a similar-sized bag of ice could cost you about $2.50 or even more. The ice bags are usually between 8 to 10 pounds. 

Unfortunately, some people may be looking for flaked or crushed ice at Mcdonald’s, but their ice is only available in cubes, which is the same quality of ice that you would find at your regular convenience store. 

There is no limit to the amount of ice bags you want to buy, but sometimes in peak periods, the ice may sell quickly and then the manager might put a hold on the amount of ice bags you can buy. At Mcdonald’s, you can opt to park your car and go into the restaurant for your bagged ice or get it via their drive-thru services. 

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True, some convenience stores may well offer ice at a lower price but that’s why you want to do a bit of research and establish where you can buy the best ice at your convenience. It’s no good rushing to a Mcdonald’s near you because of their cheap bagged ice when it’s further away than your local convenience store. Then you have to fork out more on petrol to get there. We all know the cost of fuel these days! 

Some Mcdonald’s may not sell ice

So, McDonald’s does sell ice, but it’s not a requirement. Then you might not be able to take part in this amazing secret offer of affordable ice bags. It’s a great offer, particularly if you know that you need to buy more than one bag of ice. Try their ice and see for yourself, but it’s a no-brainer that you’ll want to come away with some of Mcdonald’s other fantastic food options



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