The Future of Google Ads


Earlier known as Google AdWords, Google Ads launched in 2000 and has been experiencing evolution since then. Currently, we are getting more and more machine and automation learning getting introduced into Google Ads products that every digital marketer must adapt and even adapt for better results.

This article aims to frame a comparison between today’s Google Ads landscape and its future. The following are a bit of prediction made based on the current situation.

Google Ads Today: Keywords, Auctions, and Targeting:

Keywords always remained the core of Google Ads search campaigns. If you ask Google about keywords to target, text ads would appear automatically for searches, which match the keywords. Thus, adding negative and regular lists of keywords are the basic and best practices to reach your audience. The Google ad services presently offer several options in accordance to narrow down targeting in the search ads format. This include:

  • Keyword match types that are broad, phrase, exact, and modified broad for targeting options.
  • You can adjust targeting depending on the physical location of your users along with gender, age, and more.
  • You get to adjust bids for particular devices on which your ads appear on.
  • It also depends on your audience’s interest in specific remarketing and topics.
  • Bid on every time ads show or select not to display them at all at particular times.

Presently, Google Ads has also become auction-based along with the manual control options. However, various PPC account audit leads show unfortunate results like overall poor performance, amount of wasted ad spend, and redundancy with keywords, and more.

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Google Ad’s Future: A Keywordless Tomorrow: 

While keywords have such a level of importance for targeting to auction bidding. But while thinking about the future, certain questions stand right up. They are:

  • Will there be any importance of Google Ads in the future anymore?
  • Is there any possibility of bids for Google Ads becoming automated completely?
  • How is it possible to reach the target audience without targeting what users are looking for?

Presently, automated bidding strategies are way more prevalent than it was earlier. The machines are constantly improving and learning with more advertisers involving automated bidding technologies. Thus, by studying its present situation, it can get predicted that Keywordless’s future might become true one day as a sign of evolution. There could be a future where advertisers might not need to put keywords, add negative keywords, use match types, or review search terms.

Landing Pages: 

Apart from focusing on putting on keywords, advertisers must focus on shifting to the website and landing page. It provides the user with the best possible experience, and good things will come to you. That involves positive results like:

  • High sales to increase the parameters of profit.
  • Quality leads that can build a gainful consumer base.
  • A great user experience that results in happy and satisfied customers.

With a website and landing page, Google can effortlessly crawl and simplify reading for providing a successful Google Ads account. It gets predicted that adding a landing page will open new ways to guess which search queries your ads will appear for. Google doesn’t bother to gain an individual’s input on keywords for ads. A landing page along with your Google’s profound historical data collected from billions of searches would be adequate to negate the requirement for keywords.

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Certain things need to be done to enter a landing page, budget, and goals, then click launch. This could give you a whole new Google Ads experience where you don’t have to trouble a single nerve of your brain. And machines will know their job.


Hence, these are some of the future predictions of Google Ads that can get evidenced in the future. However, it might seem to be a long way, but a situation is running forward; web Talent Marketing needs to get adapted to Google Ads to cope with time.


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