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No matter what job you are in, when you use your mobile phone for a long time, do you find that the storage space of your mobile phone is gradually insufficient and you need additional storage space urgently? Yes, it happens to everyone. In today’s mosquito net, we will clearly tell you how to most effectively release the additional storage space on your mobile phone to store more data.

There is no doubt that most mobile phones now have a lot of extra storage space. However, our data volume is also very large. For example, the increasing number of pictures will consume a lot of memory. Therefore, our storage space is often insufficient. Fortunately, there are ways to make your phone run faster, access more storage space, and free up more additional storage space at the same time through certain applications and technologies.


Nowadays, mobile phones are a must for everyone. While using mobile phones to consume storage space every day, we are thinking about how to get more free additional storage space on mobile phones. The exciting news is that there are several simple ways to get more storage space on your phone! So let’s start to find the best cloud storage service!

Comparison of All 3 Apps for Extra Space Storage

Let’s compare all 3 cloud storage methods in a single glance:


TeraBoxBasic plan is free. You can buy a premium plan at $2.9/month.Cloud Storage.
CC CleanerFree Basic Plan With Limited Features. You can buy premium for $29.Storage Cleaner.
BoxFree Basic plan. Premium plans start from $15/month.Cloud Storage


Tip 1 to Free up Your Extra Space: Download TeraBox Free

The first method we want to introduce is to download and install TeraBox application, which allows you to obtain 1TB of additional storage space for free, which is unmatched by other applications. It is the only free 1TB storage space in the market at present. TeraBox is easy to use. As long as you register and log in, you can use it to upload and back up a large number of pictures, videos, and other types of data. TeraBox can not only give you extra storage space, but also provide you with many functions that are conducive to work.


There are plenty of advantages of using TeraBox free cloud storage like:


Pro1: The best thing about using TeraBox is that you can get 1TB of free cloud storage. That’s a whole lot of photos, videos, and files that you can store without having to worry about running out of space. And if you ever need more, you can always upgrade to their paid plan which offers even more storage.


Pro2: TeraBox comes with plenty of additional benefits. You can access your cloud file storage on multiple devices, meaning you can pick up where you left off on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can also share files with ease, and even collaborate on projects with others. 


Pro3: When it comes to cloud storage, a lot of people are worried about the security of their data.  With TeraBox, you don’t have to worry about that. They use the latest security technologies to keep your data safe and secure. Your data on the cloud is encrypted and stored in multiple locations, so you can rest assured that it is always safe.


So, it is the easiest way to extend the online data storage on your phone by using cloud storage, and that too for free. So download the TeraBox app for free and start benefiting from additional storage.


Tip 2 to Free up Your Extra Storage Space: Download CC Cleaner

In order to free up the storage space of your mobile phone to store more data, we will also consider some applications to clean up the storage. For example, CC cleaner is a good choice. It can make all the cache files and garbage files in your mobile phone disappear, and speed up the running speed of your mobile phone. Generally, the free storage space will range from GB to hundreds of GB in time.


Usually, this storage is consumed by junk and residual files that can go up to several GBs. So, a huge amount of storage in your phone is just consumed by waste. It is not possible to clean this extra space manually. Even if you find a way to clean these files manually it will take a lot of time so it is better to use a cleaner app like CC cleaner.

Another benefit of using CC Cleaner is that Not only will this declutter your phone, but it will also help it run more smoothly. That’s because all of that junk can slow down your phone’s performance. 

Some prominent features of CC Cleaner are:

Remove Cache: help remove cache files on your device to free up more space.

Clear History: help clear history data on your device for storage cleaning.

Delete Temp Files: help delete temporary files on your device to free up storage.

Clear Clipboard: The app can help clear clipboard data on your device to add space. 

Tip 3 to Free up Your Extra Storage Space: Download Box

For a large company that has a need to manage cloud storage data in complex ways, Box is easily one of the best options out there, while remaining aware that for everyone else, it’s not quite as compelling. It’s worth mentioning that the free account is fairly limiting in its uses, but the 10GB of storage is up there with some of the best, with no need to provide payment details. File uploading here is limited to a rather small 250MB, unlike the 2GB or 5GB limits imposed on paid-for personal accounts, and up to 150GB for business accounts. 


Owing simply to the 100GB maximum storage allowance imposed on individual users, it’s hard to recommend Box for personal use. Businesses will get the most out of this service. Therefore, although Box is a good choice for mobile phones to add extra storage space, it is not suitable for individual users.

Final Verdict

Each of us needs to release more additional storage space on mobile phones. We have to think about ways to get free storage space. This article will help you solve these problems. However, you need to be careful when deleting data. Before doing so, you should check whether you have made a data backup. Our recommendation is to choose TeraBox because it comes with 1TB of free storage capacity, which is unique, and it has the best sharing and security, making it simple and reliable to use. So, what are you waiting for? Start with your TeraBox login account and quickly get a lot of free storage space for your phone.