Annually over 650000 human beings die owing to self-murder. Year by year there are increasingly more people trying to jump in self-murder. A last try of self-murder is the most significant index for the upcoming self-annihilation -among the population. This type of reason for demise frequently happens among 14 to 20-year-old juveniles. The most percent of self-murders occurs in cities with low or middle-income rates. Swallowing a huge amount of medicine, self-shooting, or a self-hanging action are the main ways that symbolize a self-murder all over the world. Every single occasion of self-murder is a disaster that influences families, societies, and the globe as a whole, from which suffer the human beings left alive. Recently, there is a tendency that self murder to happen as in big cities with a high revenue as in small cities with a poor and average rate of revenue.

Self-violence is a core well-being issue in society, nevertheless, self-murders are preventative by means of the basis of evidence executed in due time.

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What Is Suicide

Suicide is the deliberate taking of one’s life. The world statistics on suicide is not trustworthy for most researchers of this problem. It is likely that the real figures are dozens of times higher, but due to the peculiarities of the law and sometimes due to other circumstances, there is a misidentification of the causes of death, which significantly affects the statistical data.

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Types of Suicide

Conventionally, suicide can be divided into two forms, such as true and pseudo-suicide (demonstrative). If the first of them implies the realization of the intention, the second form is aimed at drawing the attention of others to their problems. In other words, suicide can serve as an attempt to reach out to loved ones if the person sees no other ways.

It is sad to realize that people can take such risky steps to get the attention of those around them.

The Reasons for Executing a Self-violence

The connection between melancholia and strong drinks is the same, such as between mental frustration and self-violence. In the minutes of a mental crisis, people are not able to bear tension such as monetary difficulties, relationship breakdown, or incurable disease, and can make a decision of self-violence spontaneously.

Additionally, disputes, distress, assault, a perception of deprivation, a feeling of segregation are tightly tied up with the momentary decision of self-violence activity.

Worldwide Ways of Self-murder

Self-poisoning is the key way of self-murder and leads to around 20% of self-murder cases throughout the globe. A wide range of self-murders happens in rustic farming cities with poor and average rates of revenue. Other most worldwide methods are self-hanging and applying a gun.

Issues and Hurdles

Stigma to be connected with self-annihilation.

Mental frustration-related stigma can entail self-murder. Most people think about taking their life because they do not receive the needed aid. Self-annihilation has not been given adequate consideration and settlement thanks to the shortage of perception of self-annihilation as a significant healthiness issue all over our community.

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The Existence of Information About Self-annihilation

The existence of information on self-annihilation and its trials is in an extremely bad state. Only a small piece of the attempts is registered decently as a self-annihilation helping to value self-annihilation rates.

Top 5 Signs of Suicidal Thoughts 

Excessive self-criticism or a constant feeling of guilt can manifest as a pronounced feeling of inadequacy, shame, and insecurity. Also this syndrome can masquerade as deliberate bravado, defiant behavior, and impudence.

Another sign of suicidal behavior is sorrow, anxiety and aggression. Depression manifests itself both in melancholy and in uncharacteristic restlessness, insomnia, anxiety. It is this type of depression that more often leads to suicide, because the nervous system is constantly stressed, and the person is tired of living.

Besides, loss of health and independence, vision and hearing problems can prompt people to think about ending their suffering.

The purchase of means of maiming is the most obvious sign. For example, having a gun in one’s possession increases the risk of suicide in the home by a factor of 10. Firearms are used to commit 10% of all suicide attempts.

Particularly worth worrying about if the person was not previously prone to alcoholism, and if the state of intoxication allows the person to feel emotionally better.

Suicide Sccurs in the Spring

Suicide rates in the spring and fall are exactly the opposite of this popular belief. According to statistics, most people decide to commit suicide in the spring months, most often in March or May. The main reason, apparently, is that most people are immersed in their unhappy thoughts in the fall so that depression seems quite natural. Conversely, in spring, the contrast between the quiet depression and the joyful atmosphere that hangs in the air is much more noticeable.

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Why Suicide Isn’t the Answer

Suicide can never be a way out of a difficult situation, if only because there are always several possible ways to resolve it. Even if we are talking about a huge loss – for example, a loved one, life without whom does not seem possible – there will still come a day when it will be easier and the situation won’t look hopeless.

This is also true for all other difficulties in life. Suicidal thoughts and attempts are greatly facilitated by the feeling that positive change will never happen. But this is not true. Human emotions have a wavelike configuration: if you have experienced feelings of despair, sooner or later they are bound to lose their intensity. It is in our nature to be able to adapt to anything-even the most terrible. This means that over time, adaptation will inevitably occur and one will learn to live under new conditions.

Remember that someone who is planning suicide always doubts that this is exactly what he needs. And if you help the person to keep from committing the irreparable, you can then help them to look at what is happening from a new perspective – and maybe they will give up their idea forever.


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