How to play & join Blooket Play

How to play & join Blooket Play? This is the question that has fascinated students as well as parents who want to level up classroom engagement to take it to the next horizon. Blooket allows interactive quizzes that students can easily grasp and learn while having fun. The steps of how to play & join Blooket Play are simple and elaborated at length below. First, we need to address what Blooket is. Blooket Play at times is also referred to as Blue-kit whose purpose is “fun with learning” so that along with playing games, students’ subconscious mind is able to grasp topics that often seem complex and boring. On the Blooket platform, there are countless games that can be created by the teacher for free and shared with students to play. Questions in the Blooket are a modified version of the Trivia games which have to be answered correctly. Students are also rewarded according to their performance which can be shared with their parents if needed. 

If you are a teacher, you have to sign up and then log into the platform which is of course free to use. However, to unlock additional features, you might have to play some amount. Then you need to create a question bank and select the game for customization. At last, a code will be shared by the website which can be shared by the teacher to their students. Post that, students can easily join the game by entering the code. Both for teachers as well as students, the task of playing and joining Blooket is not a difficult one. It is quite similar to creating a Gmail account where you have to fill in your details sequentially and log in by entering your ID and password to blooket login

The motive that drives Blooket Play is to create a fun learning platform that encourages students to have curiosity for knowledge. 

Blooket Play advantages over other ed-tech platforms:

Easy mode of learning – Unlike their older generations, students nowadays won’t have to carry books to their schools to study. Even the attention span due to the increased use of smartphones has decreased in students as well as students. Teenage college goers nowadays too are facing similar problems when it comes to attending lectures. This limitation is not only restricted to students but to teachers as well. They too have to concentrate all day long and repeat the same concept class after class which makes it redundant and boring. Traditional education systems have less number of students to teacher ratio so in such scenarios many doubts of students, often go unanswered by teachers leaving them to seek alternatives such as coaching. So Blooket Play is the only platform for the panacea of all these modern-day diseases that have arrived due to advancements in technology. With the help of Blooket Play, Teachers can build an interactive game for students that can be accessed by them. With the help of Blooket Play other students who have a quest for knowledge, can also pick up games made by another teacher.

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Blooket is free to join and log in – Anywhere in the platform, students are not required to pay to access games created by their own teacher or another teacher. Blooket Play is a free platform for a teacher as well but to begin with, you need to sign up on the website because in order to customize and personalize the games for your students it is mandatory. Students on the other hand can directly join a quiz by entering the ID shared by their teacher and if they want to seek more, they also need to sign up. The Blooket Play community consists of more than 1000+ teachers and students having expertise in various subjects such as Mathematics, Science, History, and more. 

Thousands of options to choose from – If you are a teacher and want to customize a quiz game for your students, you can do it in n number of ways. You can add images, files, animation, games, audio, and more to your riddles and make them in the most interactive way possible according to your own needs. In order to do so, you have to select the “creation method” option after logging in. You will be offered three modes for creation. Manual, CSV Import, and Quizlet import. Based on your requirements you can select any one of the following modes and select private if you want to share with your students only or select public if you want to extend your reach to other students also. 

Enhanced version of learning and feedback – Students are now able to recall concepts more accurately after spending time on the Blooket Play platform. Gone are those days when studies used to be the biggest burden for students. Students with the help of interactive sessions spend more time playing Blooket Play games than on the other available platforms which are of no use. Once a student completes a game, his reports are shared with the teacher with the help of which he can figure out weak sections of each student and then address their issues personally. Lastly, the Blooket Play site also helps the environment as it is based on a paperless mode of learning. 

How to play “Blooket Play” games?

  • To begin any game on the Blooket play you need to address the following points:
  • First of all your educator will create a game and feed their questions or get help from the Blooket Play library by selecting the import option.
  • After the educator is done creating and personalizing a game, he will share a code which will be generated by the “Blooket Play” platform at the end. 
  • At any given time at most 60 students can participate in a game when it is live. 
  • The educator by default is the host of the game and students will join him after entering the code. 
  • Students will participate in the game and try to outperform each other. The topic will be shared by the educator in advance. 
  • Once the game is complete, a full-fledged report of each student will be shared with the educator which will help in analyzing the specific needs of each student and address them accordingly. 

How to play & join Blooket Play? Know full details

So Blooket Play users belong to two categories. One of the students and the other of teachers/educators. Most of the Blooket Play interface is for educators because they will be the ones creating a game whereas students need to only join it. So below are the steps for both the options and how you can join them. Let us begin with the Join Blooket Play option as an educator first.

For Educators:

  • The first step is to reach the Blooket Play website which is not complex. You have to simply type “Blooket” in your preferred browser and then hit enter. The first result which appears on the first page after Ads is your destination site. You have to select this and reach the “Blooket Play” site.
  • Then in order to log in here, you have to sign up first if you are a first-time visitor. The “Log in” and “Sign Up” options are easy to navigate. You will find it in the top right corner of the homepage. 
  • Now your next step is to click sign-up and you will be redirected to a new page which will give you two options to choose from. You can either sign up with Google or with the help of any other Email ID. 
  • Whatever your preferred mail, select it. If it is Google then you will be redirected to another page where you will have to select your Gmail ID if you are already using a Chrome browser. You will be automatically signed up in the Blooket Play platform after this step. 
  • If you are using any other browser, you have to manually enter your email ID and click the sign-up option but before that do not skip the “check” box. 
  • You will have to enter the following details before submission:
  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Also note that in order to sign up for the platform there are some age restrictions which are above 13 for the USA and 16 for other countries. 
  • Now you will be asked for two options after signing in. You either wish to continue as a “student” or as a “teacher”. Since you are an educator you have to select the “teacher” option. 
  • Lastly, the platform will introduce you to some instructions and tutorials that you should not skip as it will give you a fair idea of how to host a game. 
  • You as an educator will create games for your students or other students as well. You can always choose to keep your creation either “private” or “public”. You will be supported by the team and new features that are added will be intimated to you beforehand. For students, Blooket Play developers keep on launching some events and competitions in which students can play and win rewards. Still you face any issues, you can always follow the Blooket Play on official pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for regular updates. 

Blooket join for Students:

  • The educator completes the game creation and sends the code to students. Once the students have this code, they are required to visit the site and enter the code here. The very first option on the site is to “Join a game”. Here you are required to enter that code and the game will automatically begin after that. 
  • Another method is via signing up on the Blooket site which opens another set of opportunities for students. First, you have to sign up and log in as a “student” on the Blooket Play ” site. Post that in your dashboard you have to select the “Blooket Play” option. Here the site will prompt you to enter the game ID which you will enter and enjoy the game. 

How to join Blooket Play without a game ID?

There are many other games that are in the “public” domain and do not require a game ID. Both teachers as well as students can enjoy these games as they are available for all. To reach here, you have to select the “Discover ” menu from your own dashboard after logging in. A new page will open where you will get multiple Blooket options. Alternatively, you can also search in the search bar. You need to pick a category and type it here like “Maths”. Then the site will show you all the available options. Based on your interest, you can pick any one of the search result games. 

Steps for educators to “create” or “discover” set:

  • Quizzes here are termed as “sets”. Once an educator completes the mandatory instructions and tutorials, in your dashboard you will find “Create a set” and “Discover sets” options. 
  • You first need to select the “create set” option that will open the “question set creator” option for you. You can upload files, images, links, animations, and other creative means of communication that you think are appropriate for your students. You can either opt for manual or CSV import for already available templates in the domain. Blooket Play site has also paired with Quizlet site which can be accessed for help and references. At last, you have to finish the steps by selecting the “create” option and your new Blooet is ready to be shared with your students. Still you face any difficulty you can select the “getting started tutorial” option for better clarity. 

Some FAQs regarding how to play & join Blooket:

a). Is Blooket Play free?

Yes, Blooket Play is free for both students as well as teachers. However, it has some charges for additional features for educators. Like in the free version or Starter Pack, the maximum capacity of students that can join the game is 60. But if your needs exceed this amount, teachers have to pay the following fees:

Plus Pack for $2.99/month if you want to add more than 60 and less than 300 students. Additionally, you will also get their performance reports and early event access. 

Plus Flex for $4.99/month all the benefits of the above packs with folders and an extra credit bonus to distribute to students. 

On top of all these, you can also avail Group pricing discount after contacting the team. 

b). Is Blooket Play safe for children?

Since the students are the targeted audience of the Blooket Play site, all games are designed specially according to their needs and are absolutely safe for children. 

c). What is the minimum age to play and join the Blooket platform?

For the USA, the minimum age is 13 while for other countries it is 16.

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