5 Tips For Marketers To Get Started With LinkedIn

Are you starting your professional life? And you don’t know where to start? Start with Linkedin. With Linkedin, the professional world gets exposed to you, and you get exposed to the professional world. This article will give you five tips on why you should get started with Linkedin as a marketer.

What Is Linkedin?

Long story short, Linkedin is a professional social network with the sole purpose to build and develop careers. Linkedin also creates and maintains professional connections, indulges in industry-related discussions and other business-related activities. 

What Is Linkedin Marketing?

Linkedin, with millions of professionals, grows careers and expands professional networks on a day-to-day basis. With the professional individuals and the professional world gets mutually exposed to each other, it gets easier to make professional connections and give your business growth a long-needed boost.

Proper Marketing Strategy Is A Must-have

As the Sprout Social claims, business marketing generates 277% more leads on Linkedin than marketers engaged on Facebook. As the surveyed B2B marketers claim,  Linkedin is responsible for 80% of their social media leads. With a proper marketing strategy, you, too, can turn Linkedin into a profitable marketing tool.

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5 Tips To Get Started with Linkedin

Tip 1: Keep Your Linkedin Profile Refined   

Don’t give all the attention to your Tinder profile. Just like a new date, your business profile needs to make an excellent first impression. As a fresh marketeer, you must keep refining your Linkedin profile. Keeping your profile in check and updating it regularly will have a positive impact on your contact rate.

  1. Regularly optimize your profile and keep the completeness rate 100%.
  2. Keep updating your profile with newly acquired skills, achievements, and, most importantly, your work examples.
  3. Your profile should radiate your personality. Experience is essential, and you should always keep it authentic.

Tip 2: Create a Linkedin Page

Get your organization out in the world, create a page. Your page should contain enough opportunities for prospective customers. In addition, your page will store a satisfactory amount of information about your brand and the people who work there.

Tip 3: Define Your Goals and Audiences

It would help if you had an idea of what you are trying to achieve. Keeping your goals simple and transparent will also help define your audience. You should raise brand awareness if your company is selling a productivity tool for social media. Your plan becomes raising awareness among Linkedin members who have job titles like “social media manager” or “social media lead.”

Tip 4: Optimize Your Page For Visibility

Keep your page well-optimized always to make your work and products visible to the audience. People should easily find your page once they click on the search bar. Maintain the below instructions to keep your page constantly optimized.

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Insert Keywords: 

Get in the customers’ shoes; incorporate potential keywords that your customers may use to search for the products/services your company is offering. Include the keywords in the About tab overview. It will represent who you are and what you do.

Link To Your Page

To boost your search ranking, you must keep a link to your page on your website. Also, keep the Linkedin profiles of the company employees updated.

Share Relevant Contents

Keep sharing your content frequently. The content followers engage with you more if you share your content regularly. The frequent content share will also get your page higher on the web search result.

Tip 5: Increase The Number Of Followers

Growth in the number of relevant followers means the growth of awareness about your company. You can take several steps to increase the growth of your followers on Linkedin.

  1. You can start using a Follow button on your site/profile.
  2. You can invite your profile connections and ask them to follow your page.
  3. Keep your employees posted about the most crucial posts on your page. This way, you can boost your organic reach.
  4. Don’t forget to promote your page on important web platforms. For example, you can use emails, blog posts, newsletters to promote your company page. Get Instagram followers, promote your page as a social media mascot does.

A Friendly Reminder

If you are using Linkedin or any other program and want to pick up right where you left your browsing, you may use chromecontinue.

Other Important Factors 

Maintain these few extra tips to gain extra on Linkedin. 

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Publish Thought Leadership Content.

Keep publishing thought leadership content on your page. Linkedin looks for fresh ideas; if your audience finds your content well-engaging.

Add Visual Media In Your Content

Add some colors to your content. Some images within your content attract audiences more. You can add image collages and short videos of one or two minutes to keep your audience seated on the page. 


You can create headlines that are specially optimized for LinkedIn. For example, using words such as “habit,” “mistake,” “leaders,” “success” will indeed increase traffic on your web platform.

While there are other valuable points, you must maintain the ones above to start as a fresh marketer. 



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