Sigsync Email Signature generator to design signatures for Office 365

Even today, business communication is primarily email-oriented. It reflects professionalism and formality, and it is in writing for any legal verifications. Email communication is quick and inexpensive, and it can convey information professionally in a matter of minutes. Users can use email signatures to take advantage of other benefits of email communication, such as marketing, business and brand promotion. Email signatures can be added natively using Office 365’s built-in signature capabilities but they have limitations. They are not only time-consuming, but they also lack dedicated signature functions for designing marketing elements, targeting different people with different signatures, adding disclaimers and social media buttons, and so on. For example, if a user prefers to customize the signature to meet his specific needs, native methods have very little to offer. Let us look at another example. Users in the marketing department frequently use social media channels to stay in touch with people and make their presence known. They have no other choice if they are unable to add social media buttons using the native Outlook email. In this article, we’ll take a look at Sigsync, an Office 365 email signature software that can help you solve the problems listed above.

Sigsync Email Signature generator to design signatures for Office 365

Sigsync Office 365 email signature is ideal for centrally designing and managing Office 365 email signatures. It includes a dedicated email signature generator with a rich and intuitive user interface for creating personalized email signatures, as well as a wide variety of free signature templates and other features to suit your email signature requirements.

How easily can you create professional Email signatures using Sigsync?

If the native method of adding signatures is too complicated, Sigsync can help you. Create your signature with a flexible signature template editor that allows you to make changes with only a basic understanding of HTML. It is a feature-rich WYSIWYG editor that handles all HTML code automatically.

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Choose a predefined template from the gallery that perfectly suits your needs, or import your HTML code directly into the editor to start modifying it. Sigsync signature generator provides 100+ professional free templates, legal disclaimers, column layouts, and other features that can be modified as per the requirements.

Sigsync Signature generator elements that make it unique from the native methods

There are certain signature elements in the Sigsync Signature Generator that make it unique for designing signatures.

  • Drag and drop signature components
  • Template gallery
  • Import HTML Signature
  • Generator toolbar 
  • Style components
  • Remove tags
  • Preview Signature

Drag and drop signature components:

Sigsync signature generator provides various components such as tables, AD placeholders, AD placeholder groups (Personal fields, contact fields, Address Fields), QRCode, images, text, social media, analytics, survey links, message properties. Drag and drop the required components in the signature layout and design the signatures as you wish. For example, if you want to load address information from the AD, just drag and drop the ‘address fields’ component, arrange the AD fields as needed and insert it to the editor. 

Drag and drop signature components

Template Gallery:

To meet your signature needs, Sigsync Signature Generator provides a gallery of unique predefined templates. They are categorized as Corporate, Social media oriented, Outlook, Disclaimers, Professional, Personal Email signature with banner /GIFs, and so on. There are numerous flavours to choose from and customize it on the fly using the Signature Genera

Import HTML signature:

If you have an HTML code of your signature template ready, then don’t wait! Sigsync’s signature generator allows you to import the HTML code directly into the editor. 

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Generator toolbar

At the top of the Sigsync generator, there is a wonderful collection of tools that make template management easier and faster to access. It includes a ‘Choose Signature Templates’ button for selecting a template from the gallery, a ‘Save button’ for saving your templates, a ‘New button’ for creating a new template, a ‘Delete’ button for deleting a saved template, undo and redo options, and an import button for importing HTML code. With these user-friendly buttons, the operations are just a single click away.

Style components

Signatures with plain HTML aren’t attractive enough to get the attention of your target audiences. Every signature needs to be well formatted and well designed using style attributes. Sigsync generator makes it simple by providing all the style settings to be done using the GUI modules. With the style component section, you can modify dimensions like height width, font color, font size, font family, spacing, border settings, alignments etc. of any selected signature component. 

Style components

Remove tags

When some of the users do not have values filled in for the specific AD field, a signature will be sent with an empty space added! You can overcome this by simply adding the appropriate remove tag to the line which is to be removed. When the remove tag is set to a line and the line is not filled with an AD value, then the entire line will be removed to clear any empty space when the email is sent.

Preview Templates

The Preview Template panel lets you preview the signature by user name or generic as you design it. It gives you a quick idea about how the signature will appear to the recipient and you can enhance it accordingly. The generic preview will be updated every time you update the signature. 

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Preview Templates

Sigsync: Secure, cost-effective email signature solution that is rich in features

Sigsync Email Signature is a secure and cost-effective solution that uses Microsoft OAuth 2.0 and TLS encryption for authentication. It will never store your Office 365 credentials anywhere on its server or any other third-party servers. It is a Microsoft-approved ISO (Information Security Standard) 27001:2013 certified email signature service that follows secure mail flow guided by Microsoft. Sigsync offers a free live Email Signature Demo to assist you in getting your signature ready easily and you can also request a free email Signature creation based on your needs. It is also compatible with all email clients and devices, including Macs and mobiles and does not require installing additional software or following complicated installation procedures. It is worth noting that it provides excellent customer service 24/7 and offers attractive discounts of up to 90% off.


The traditional method of adding signatures using Outlook’s signature function lacks signature designing elements such as tables, drag and drop components, social media buttons and predefined signature templates. Sigsync offers the aforementioned email signature elements to customize a signature design as per the user requirements. The email signature generator does not require any HTML skills and can be handled even by non-technical users to design secure company-wide email signatures.



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