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Wouldn’t animals have a right to existence that is free of all forms of violence? Many weird occurrences have happened throughout human history. People have employed animals for entertainment purposes, and they continue to develop new types of animal sports.

Animals have been employed in circuses, movies, and stage plays, but when they are utilised for any form of entertainment that involves violence, it is referred to be cruelty. Similarly, in today’s wpc15 com Dashboard piece, we will discuss how cockfighting in the Philippines has resulted in animal cruelty.

What is the wpc15 com Dashboard?

WPC is an abbreviation for World Pitmasters Cup, and this competition features players who bring own roosters to use in the battle. In terms of the restriction on this sport, it is not prohibited universally, and several countries have permitted it to take place.

This wpc15 com Dashboard will help us learn more about rooster abuse.

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The event’s process

Many individuals are participating in the event, and there are procedures that all participants must follow. Those that participate in the event with their roosters must follow the event’s special rules. They must first register with the event’s organizers.

All of the event preparations take place, and many viewers wait for the live event to begin, after which they go and watch the event. We learned through the wpc15 com Dashboard that roosters frequently bleed profusely during the battle, and they are forced to die as a result, which is the most heartbreaking aspect of the event.

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Additional Details

Every five to six minutes, a new battle takes place once a match concludes. Another activity in which individuals become interested is gambling. It is something that humans do to each other.

When the event begins, most people expect to bet, which is another negative aspect of the event. On the one hand, people are betting, winning, and losing, while on the other side, no one recognises the extent of the cruelty inflicted on the innocent roosters. They are groomed for the battle for a long period before being eligible for it.

These are the kind of data that the wpc15 com Dashboard might collect in order for regular people to better comprehend the event.


Several organisations have been striving to save the animals used in acts of cruelty against them. It is critical that people listen to their consciences and recognise that cruelty to animals does not satisfy God in any manner. Humans are expected to act in ways that enhance rather than destroy humanity’s sense of self-worth.

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