Find Ads on Instagram

Instagram platform ads are a great way to build trust with your audience and increase awareness. Influence marketing promotes a product or service through influencers (bloggers). At the same time, an influencer is not only a celebrity from the screens but an expert in a particular field (coach, motivational speaker, fitness blogger, nutritionist, etc.). Platforms like help advertisers promote their products. 

Influencer marketing fulfills one of the key missions — it creates strong associations with the brand through the natural presence of opinion leaders and bloggers in the feed. The number of followers on the Instagram influencer network doesn’t measure the effectiveness of cooperation. It is essential how strongly users are involved in the blogger’s content. Today, small influencers, whose audiences are about 3,000 people, are much more trusted than media personalities with a million readers on networks. 

Benefits of Advertising with Influencers

Let’s consider all the advantages of working on the Instagram influencer platform:

  • High trust in information coming from the Instagram influencer marketplace. Bloggers’ advertising is often perceived as a recommendation or friendly advice. Also, some users tend to imitate their favorite Instagram star. They use the same cosmetics, go to the same restaurant, or buy the same blender.
  • Significant coverage of the target audience. There are small blogs with about 5 thousand subscribers, and there are also opinion leaders whose accounts are followed by over a million users. New brands shouldn’t immediately chase big influencers and give their last money for advertising. You can collaborate with a group of bloggers to achieve the required coverage.
  • Variety of manifestations. The format of cooperation on the Instagram influencer marketing platform largely depends on the campaign’s goals. For example, it can be a story, unpacking, product review, testing, etc.
  • Fast result. If everything is done right, blogger advertising can give a stunning result.
  • Nativity. A blogger can present paid advertising under the guise of a personal recommendation, and this automatically adds +100 to audience loyalty.

How to Find “Your” Opinion Leader?

To effectively promote products or services, you need to find an influencer related to your company’s activities. For example, if you sell cosmetics, contact beauty bloggers. If you promote software, you should work with an IT blogger. You can search for a suitable opinion leader on your own, but it will take a lot of time. In addition, there is a chance to find an unfair person with fake subscribers. Such cooperation will not give the desired result. The best option is to use an Instagram influencer marketing platform, for example, With it, you can conduct a deep analysis of your Instagram profile and evaluate the profitability of cooperation with a blogger.  

In Conclusion

Bloggers are pretty influential people on websites like Instagram. After all, each of them has its loyal audience interested in the products their favorite influencer uses. A good blogger marketplace will allow you to quickly find an opinion leader that fits your criteria and make advertising work.