SHEWIN Wholesale Reviews

Don’t we all just want to own all the cute Instagram outfits on our feeds, without getting broke? Only a few of us expert shoppers get to this point of our shopping game; land on wholesale women’s clothing shops!

Trust me when I tell you this is the area of untouched territory by most and you’re lucky to have found Shewin wholesale and I am going to break everything down for your ease. Let’s head to it.

Is SHEWIN Wholesale Legit?

Surprisingly, it’s not a scam! It is an actual brand selling real clothes and delivering them to your homes. I was also very skeptical when I went through its website and saw all these amazing styles of clothes, but in half the price I usually pay for in other brands.

I assumed the quality and sizing will be terrible, that is if I ever get my parcel, but the price convinced me to give it a chance. It sure is not very popular like other brands, e.g. Boohoo, MissGuided, etc. which can make us a little doubtful.

Let’s help you decide whether you should ‘check out the items in your cart after the end of my Shewin wholesale review or not.


SHEWIN Wholesale’s website consists of an overwhelming amount of clothes in various styles, be it casual, formal, loungewear, lingerie, sportswear, swimwear, cardigans, sweaters, and you name it. The latest trending outfits are also in stock, click “Hot Trends”.

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Shewin has some very pretty Plus Size dresses as well, however including models with that physique would’ve been more inclusive to a large population of women, including myself. It’s easier to imagine how the outfit would look on me.

The search filters on SHEWIN Wholesale’s website are something I would like on every brand website. Search filters with different sleeve lengths made things way accessible for me; I didn’t find this on any of the competitor’s websites. Subcategories like sexy, casual, cute made me super excited that I won’t have to search individually for anything, but I was disappointed.

It was not updated and I only found 3 spaghetti silk tops in the Sexy category, when there were many more like the Prom party bodycon, Prom deep v-neck drawstring bodycon and basically everything that comes up when you search ‘Prom’. Saying I’m awestruck by these dresses would be an understatement! Search it, and thank me later.

Size and Fit

I have mostly been happy with the fit of my clothes, however, there were some exceptions. I order my clothes according to the size chart provided on the website; it calculates your size after you put in the measurements and it has almost always worked for me. As a thick woman, I ordered a big size but the length got too long. So again, the lack of plus sizes is a turn-off for me.

Other than that, it’s safe to say that your clothes will be true to size.

Reviews/ Quality

Now the part you came here for my honest Shewin Wholesale reviews. I’m guilty of ordering a bunch of clothes from the website and I will be very candid about it.  

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1. Prom Party Surplice Neck Thigh Split Bodycon Midi Dress

This red dress is my absolute favorite. It fits me like a glove and falls on the curves just right. The quality is very fine- unbelievably good for a $22 dress. It also has an option for a black one. Overall, this is my go-to dress for any fancy event and now I don’t have to spend $100 to look elegant and graceful. Other than this, I ordered 2 more prom dresses in size medium and both of them were true to their size as well.

2. High Waist Plaid Mini Skirt

A very cute skirt that hugs my body so finely. The material feels very expensive that you can’t tell it was just $9. However, you might want to be careful when judging the length of mini-skirts because this one is just too short, even for a very lean person. Other than that, the buttons are stitched strongly too and don’t look like they’re going to fall off anytime soon.

3. Yellow V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Smocked Floral Dress

A flowy colorful dress is what everyone needs in the summer heat. I absolutely adore the style- elastic on the waist and sleeves adds a very cute touch to it. I know it’s high quality because the material still remains soft after many washes in the washing machine. The color didn’t fade and the elasticity is the same.


a). Delivery Duration

The shipping time for this wholesale women’s clothing is quite reasonable. The delivery usually takes up to 2 weeks and sometimes it has even delivered my clothes in less than 10 days.

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b). Customer Service/Return Policy

The customer representatives are very responsive and helpful. The website has 4 ways of contacting them on their front page. However, the returns may be a hassle due to the pandemic situation. The package will have to be replaced in China which is a long procedure and additional shipping charges will also be included. I run away from these situations; therefore, never got my jeans exchanged.

Overall thoughts and Advice

If you reached this part, you’ve probably made up your mind. All the important aspects were included in this SHEWIN Wholesale review and it’s not surprising I have become a fan of this women’s wholesale clothing brand. The very affordable prices, high quality, and exceptional variety of outfits are a whole win-win situation.

SHEWIN Wholesale, although not very famous in the market yet, is the number 1 women’s wholesaling brand of the future, in my opinion. Perfect for your budget and style. I would not want to spend money on the same clothes just because of a brand image when I can get a whole wardrobe renewed in the same amount.

That being said, the decision is yours to be made! Happy Shopping!

Originally posted 2021-11-15 13:54:53.