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Many platforms are used to sell the used car, you can list your old or damaged car and get a handsome amount for it. There is a platform called  US Car Junker which helps you to sell your old car.

As it is a US company that provides the service to sell damaged cars online. Buyers can check the listing cars and select from them. Through the US Car junker, they will contact the customer and offer the price.

The US Car junker has a wide range of damaged cars lists, almost 5000 cars. You can check and select the car as per your need. They have very knowledgeable staff. The US Car junker is one of the best places where you can sell your damaged cars.

If you want to sell your damaged car, finding junkyards near me is very easy.  US Car junker is one of the best platforms and they have 14 years of experience, you can find every type of vehicle on this website. Additionally, they are also financing those who can get to purchase a new car.

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Benefits of US Car Junkers Using

US Car junkers is a platform that will help you to buy old cars. If you want to worry about where you will get the used car near to you then you need to visit the US car junker. They will also give you the online service too. They have a complete history of buying a car.

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The process is very simple and easy when you apply for a car. They will also provide you the complete information about the dealer, location, and each and everything. You can also ask questions about the related car from the experts. They will answer you.

US Car junker is one of the superb choices to purchase used cars and it is simple. You will get the cars at a very reasonable price. They will provide you with high-level customer service. When you buy any car you can pay via cash or bank transfer it is up to you.

They will also provide you with security. Before bidding for any car they ask you to submit an ID. in this way, they will protect you from any fraud. So, you can use these platforms for buying an old car or selling your old car.

Method to Junk Your Car into Cash

When you have a damaged car and want to get the cash. By using the US car Junker you can sell your car and get the money on the spot, there are just 3 steps involved in it.

1. Getting the Car Quoted

First, you need to go to the official website of the US Car Junker. Click on the get my offer. Now you can provide here all the details of your car which you want to sell. Or you can also call the given number and provide all the details. They give you an instant offer and you will get the cash.

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2. Accept the Offer

 If you think that the offer is good enough for you then you need to set up the time for the client. All the procedures are free.

3. Check And receive the cash

Now they will check and inspect your car on the spot. If everything is good then they will pay immediately.

Method to find a Car Junkyard Near to me

You can find the car junkyard in a very simple and easy way. there are the following 2 methods which you can use to find.

1. Using the US Car Junker

For this purpose, you need to go to the website. And here you want to enter your city or zip code of the area where you live. They will give you all the detailed information such as a complete address, phone numbers, etc.

2. Using the google search

You can also search on google by entering “ junkyards near to me”.  After that, you will get various results. Now you can go individually to each website and get detailed information. Additionally, you can also check the customer reviews about the website.

Determine Your Car Value By Junkyard

A junkyard is a place where you can sell your old cars. These cars are not in good condition so you can not use them anymore for the drive. In this situation, you will think about how much cash you will get. There are many things involved to determine the value of your car which are the following.

Your car’s age

If your car is too old then the value of the car is less. Because it is used more. And obviously, there are many problems and if you want to fix it takes more money.

Condition of your car

It is the first thing that will determine your car value, if your car is in good condition then it is worth more.

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Spare parts availability

If it is difficult to find the spare parts for your car model then it has less value.

Model and brands of car

Which brands and models of cars are famous, they have more value as compared to those who have unknown models and brands.

Scrap metals

If the car has more scrap metal then it has more worth and value.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Selling your Car to Junkyard

Following things, you will consider before selling your car.

Remove your all personal things

When you are going to sell your car then you need to remove all the things in your car. Such as documents, clothes, etc. because you will not take them again as you sell your car.

Cancel the registration and insurance of the Car

Before selling your car you need to cancel the registration and the insurance of your car. There is no need for these things.

Get the Estimated Value of your Car

When you decide to sell the car you need to check the estimated value of the car. In this way, when you go to a junkyard then you can negotiate the price.

Getting the care sale bill

When you sell your car make sure you will get the bills of your car because it is an essential thing.

Remove the license Plate of your Car

Before selling the car you should also need to remove the license plate of the car.

Reasons to choose the US Car Junker

There are several reasons to choose the US Car Junker which are the following.

  • They will offer you the best price for your old car.
  • You get the guaranteed quote.
  • You do not need to go by car to the US car junker, instead, they will visit you.
  • All the process is quick and fast
  • There is no security issue.

Final remarks

The US Car junker is the place where you can sell your old car very easily. they will offer you good offers. All the procedures are very simple and easy, you will get easy information if there is any junkyard in your area.


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