Fear of Essay Writing

When I was young, getting essays done was one of my biggest nightmares. I neither could do it nor leave it. With approaching deadlines, my anxiety would also increase; most of the time, I used to be the last to submit it. Most of you can feel related to my story.  

There may be various reasons behind the fear of essay writing, like precision in work, lack of interest in writing, lack of confidence, avoidance, etc. Mine was fear of not being able to write a perfect one. But as I grew up, I understood the importance of academic writing and overcame this fear by adopting some tips that are used by the writers providing essay writing services.

Every writer has a different approach to researching, understanding, and writing on any topic. But there are some points that are commonly achieved or considered when experts work on essays. In this write-up, let’s take a look at some such points and discuss how you can also overcome the fear of essay writing –

  1. It is good to be imperfect – From my experience, setting unrealistic goals and waiting for that perfect write-up is not always necessary. You just need to give your best in the given situation and write according to your knowledge. You can learn to be better over time but submitting the essays on time is also essential for your grades. Attaining perfection is a process and not a one-time task.
  1. Talk to someone – You can discuss your fear of essay writing with your friends and family. You may not only get some useful suggestions, but you will also learn to deal with them. In addition, you will feel responsible and will at least give it a try.
  1. Challenge/Reward you – “There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.” Therefore, you should challenge yourself to perform better than before with every essay assignment. This will motivate you to work on your essay and work better. You can also assign rewards for the completion of your essay. This will give you the drive to start working on your essay.
  1. Just do it – When you are given an essay assignment and are not getting enough motivation to start working on it, the best solution is to sit and start writing anything that comes to your mind. Do not think about the result; just pen down whatever comes to your mind about the topic. You will eventually get into the writing skin and conduct the necessary research to complete the essay.
  1. Go through some samples – Students fear essay writing because of the lack of subject knowledge. To enhance your knowledge and understanding of essay writing on a particular topic, you can go through some samples available in your library of online sources. The samples will give you an insight into how to tackle your essay and equip you with the required skills. Here you can look at the writing style, formatting style, paragraph structure, referencing style, and so on to get an idea for your essay.
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If you wish to overcome your fear of essay writing in the long run, follow the above tips and practice them regularly. Then, gradually, you will be able to write your essays confidently. I’ve also overcome my fear by following these tips. If you get stuck or need more assistance, feel free to ask for help. Seeking assistance widens your horizon, and you can gain more knowledge on the topic.

Suming Up: 

Essay writing is a crucial task for any student. Since I’ve experienced the struggles of completing this task, I can relate to students’ trouble and thus have shared five useful tips for overcoming the fear of essay writing and scoring well in academics.


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