5 Brave Ways To Challenge Yourself And Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If the devastating worldwide coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is inherently unpredictable. 

With this realization comes the desire to break out of your comfort zone, try new things and to challenge and push the boundaries of your toleration for excitement and adventure. With that being said, here are the top five brave ways to challenge yourself and break out of your comfort zone. 

1. Study Internationally 

There is a plethora of fabulous benefits for your wellbeing and happiness if you take the brave step to study at an international sixth form school such as Rugby School Thailand. Such a decision is the very epitome of breaking out of your comfort zone as you immerse yourself in the different cultures and practices of a brand new and entirely different country. 

2. Say ‘Yes’ Far More Often

All too often, for a plethora of complicated reasons, you may well not be able to articulate even to yourself, when offered a new opportunity or asked to visit a new place, the automatic answer that emanates from your mouth is ‘no,’ followed by an improvised excuse.

Instead, set yourself the challenge of, even just for one single day a week, saying yes to everything; who knows what you will inadvertently agree to throughout the day!

3. Pursue An Activity You Never Previously Considered

If, for example, you have never before considered yourself to be a sporty person, one of the easiest and relatively affordable ways to break out of your comfort zone would be to take up a sport. You could research local football teams, search the internet for cricket or baseball classes or even consider a competitive darts league in your local community. 

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4. Join An Amateur Dramatics Society

Unless you are a budding thespian, or even perhaps a working actor already, joining a local amateur dramatics group will force you to become more confident, more social and altogether braver than you are now. Advantages of joining such a society include, but are in no way limited to:

  • The pursuit of a fresh new hobby
  • New friends and social connections
  • A real confidence booster
  • An outlet to be creative
  • A way to let loose and have fun
  • Better preparing you for public speaking and interviews
  • Learning new texts 
  • New skills in performing arts

5. Make A List Of Achievable Goals

Another brilliant way to push out of your comfort zone and to practice a zero-tolerance policy on procrastination is to spend half an hour, by yourself, writing a list of smaller, manageable and affordable tasks, chores and goals that you keep wanting to achieve but never get round to them. 

Perhaps you always wanted to create a family photo album of your wedding memories, redecorate the kitchen to create a more modern and vibrant aesthetic, or maybe you have always wanted to turn your spare room into an art studio and reconnect with your fine art skills. Now is the time to get started on all that.


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