Things to do Before Diving in a Public Pool

With the advent of summers, public pools invite us to get out of our homes to take a refreshing dip and have some fun in the sun.

From meeting new people to enjoy swimming in the cool water, a public pool offers myriad benefits. 

While swimming in the public pool is one of the fun activities, they may pose potential health challenges as well.

Before you dive into a local pool, here are some of the important things you must consider:

1)Know about the pool

As per a CDC study, 8 in 10 public pools failed routine safety inspections.

Whether you are using a community or local pool, get in-depth knowledge about the pool and find the information such as:

a) Depth: Know the depth of the pool to protect yourself and your loved ones from accidental drownings. Most fun pools have a minimum depth of 3 feet. And if you are not trained for swimming, it is better to avoid taking a dip in the pool. 

b) Care and maintenance: Swimming in a dirty pool can put you at a higher risk of skin infections. Ensure the swimming pool club is a reliable name on the market and has a regular schedule of cleaning and maintenance.Find out:

  • What they do to keep the pool clean like installing an electric pool cover pool enclosure and pool safety nets
  • If the pool filters are working or not Retractable Electric Swimming Pool Covers
  • The ph of the pool water 
  • If there is an foul smell or algae growth in the pool
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 c) Safety: Never go swimming alone especially if you are new to it.  

Make sure there are lifeguards around the pool to help those who are struggling to swim.  

Read the pool safety instructions to prevent accidents and enjoy the best time in the pool.  For instance, many public pools do not allow running around the pool. 

Never ignore the sign boards that are for the wellbeing of the swimmers only. 

2)Use the restroom beforehand

You will be surprised to know that 1 in 5 people have agreed to pee in a pool at least once.

While many people consider peeing in a pool a “bad habit”, children and swimmers may not always follow this rule.  

Urine can make pool water unfit for swimming and you may have to face severe health complications in the long run.  

So, avoid urinating in the pool. Encourage your kids and other family members to use the restroom before they dive.

3)Take a shower

You will be surprised to know that we have about 0.14 grams of feces on our bodies at any given time. And on top of that, there’s all the other dirt, grime, sweat, and germs.

So, before you jump into the pool, take a good shower with soap and fully soak yourself.

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself, fellow swimmers, and to maintain a healthy pool environment.

Many public pools have now enforced this as a law.

4)Apply sunscreen

There is nothing more upsetting than seeing red spots all over your skin after swimming under the sun.

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It’s advisable to apply sunscreen all over your body before you get into the pool. 

This can save your skin from rashes, bruises, red patches, or sunburns caused by beaming sun rays and other contaminants in the pool.

5)Wear water shoes

While swimming in a private pool, there may not need to wear anything on your feet, the same is not the case with public pools.

Public pools may have cracked tiles, rough floors, or broken equipment that can injure your feet.

Wearing water shoes in the pool is a smart decision. 

The benefits of wearing water shoes:

  • Adequate foot protection against any hazards 
  • Excellent support to your feet
  • Protect your feet from fungal infections like itchy athlete’s foot condition 

In the end…

Above all, prevention is always better than cure. Discover a different kind of plunge and the benefits of cold water immersion therapy and Make sure to follow all these tips to enjoy a great pool time with your friends and family members.

Have a great swim season!  



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