Give Yourself A Makeover

It is essential to feel good about how we look and feel. By appreciating ourselves on the inside and the outside, we feel more confident and ready to crush the day. If you’ve been toying with giving yourself a makeover but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to give yourself a makeover. 

Create A Beauty Regimen

Assuming that part of your makeover is to add a bit more glamour to your outfits and around your beauty routine, make time for these changes. If you purchase classic slant tweezer products and are ready to try them, you might want to wake up earlier each day, so you have time to familiarize yourself with the tool without feeling rushed. 

You might need to get adjusted to new tools and beauty products you’re using for your makeover to feel successful. Make time for yourself to get a head start. 

Define Your “Whys” For Changing

If you’re planning a makeover, you need to closely define the reasons behind this decision. If you don’t clearly define what you want, you’ll have a more challenging time staying consistent when temptation strikes. If you want to lose weight, decide why this is the case. Then, the next time you’re around baked goods, you’ll be less likely to give in to your cravings. 

Make sure your “whys” are the real reason behind your goals, or you’ll still have trouble sticking to them. They need to be self-centered, or they’ll lose motivation along the way. For instance, if you want to lose weight to be more active with your kids, then spell out why that benefits you, not just your kids. 


You might say, “I want to lose weight to enjoy keeping up with my kids’ active lifestyles.” Significant changes like these are much harder to make if you aren’t considering your own needs. You’re putting in the effort, so you deserve to have a place within your “whys.” 

Make A Plan

Depending on what you feel is necessary for your makeover, plan to follow things through. How will you start your makeover? Will it mean carving out time to go to the gym? 

Do you need to wake up earlier to fit in exercise time? Should you be meal-prepping on the weekends so you have healthy food to eat in your fridge? Decide what makes the most sense for you and act accordingly. Consistency is key. 

Stick To Cold Water

If part of your makeover includes hair therapy, you can start recovering your locks by washing your hair in cold water. Cold water is far less damaging to the hair than hot water, and you can restore lost shine easier by rinsing with cold water. Cold water is also a great way to wake the body up if you have to start your day early. 

Be Patient With The Process

The changes you’re putting forward in your makeover will take time. You can’t expect to see a massive difference in your state of health or appearance overnight. Stay consistent and recognize that good thing take time to achieve. You will get there! Try to limit your exposure to social media so that you’re not feeling discouraged if it seems like others are closer to their goals than you are. We all improve at our own pace. 

The Bottom Line

To give yourself a makeover, create more time for yourself and prioritize YOU. Take care of yourself by working out, paying extra care to your beauty routine, and having a patient mindset. Your makeover results will show as long as you stick to them. 


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