3 Ways to Apply a Modern Twist to a Classic Fairytale Wedding

Fairytale weddings are the dream of many couples because they symbolize love and romance. It is a dream wedding for couples that want to feel like a king and queen on their wedding day. Most couples construct their fairytale weddings based on their best-loved childhood tales. Every couple wants to feel like royalty on their wedding day, and a fairytale wedding brings their dream to reality. 

The atmosphere of a fairytale wedding exudes magic, wonder, and romance. Sometimes couples also take elopement packages to snatch their fairytale weddings. Fairytale weddings often have a simple and flowery design based on the couples’ dreams. 

A Magical Venue with a Modern Twist

As little girls, most brides dreamt of having a flowery fairytale wedding with a bit of royalty touch. There are various fairytale wedding venues depending on the choice or taste of the couple. These wedding venues are: 


A villa is one of the best venues for fairytale weddings. The venue is best for couples who wish to hold a small fairytale wedding. It fits perfectly into the wedding theme and can be decorated to your taste. It can also serve as an amazing backdrop for the couple’s photographs.

Giant Church Hall 

This is another fairytale wedding venue that gives a royalty-like atmosphere for couples.

Garden Venue 

Fairytale weddings held in a garden give couples a romantic and intimate feeling. The venue is perfect because it gives a whimsical and magical atmosphere. 


Several castles serve as wedding venues for couples wishing to have a fairytale wedding. 

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Equestrian Estate 

Nothing beats having horses at your fairytale weddings. It is a perfect venue for couples who wish to have a fairytale wedding. 

Couples that want a more romantic atmosphere for their wedding can decide to have a winter fairytale wedding. Incorporating winter color palettes during the decorations can give a dreamy and magical atmosphere. Combining lots of colors and hues often make the winter fairytale wedding look like a storybook fairytale wedding. 

An autumn enchanted forest wedding also sets the mood for an intimate fairytale wedding. Autumn forest weddings are magical, giving couples a romantic and charming fairy tale atmosphere. Couples can take advantage of the natural scenery for a beautiful backdrop for a photoshoot. 

Incorporating traditional and modern pieces in the wedding venue and reception gives the decoration a modern fairytale look. These pieces add aesthetics and elegance to the ideal fairytale wedding of the couple. 

The Modern Fairytale Wedding Look

When planning a fairytale wedding, it is crucial to consider wedding dresses and styles. Wedding dresses also play an important role in fairytale weddings. Dramatic and romantic wedding dresses and styles are important in creating a romantic and magical fairytale wedding. Most brides take their time and spend a lot of money when looking for the perfect wedding dresses.  

The following are some of the best dramatic and romantic wedding dresses, and styles:

a). Ball Gowns 

Ball gowns are widely known to have a feminine and fairytale aura. They also come in different styles. It gives the bride a royal feeling because it has a stunning silhouette.

b). Disney-themed Wedding Dresses 

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Couples who wish to have a romantic Disney-themed fairytale wedding can get this themed wedding dress. These dresses create a romantic atmosphere, and the bride can dress like their favorite childhood tale. 

c). Sweetheart Necklines 

A sweetheart neckline wedding gown is the ideal princess gown perfect for brides that want to feel like royalty. It is the most romantic and enchanting wedding gown that exudes simple elegance and femininity. 

Although there are no set rules for choosing bridesmaid dresses, there are usually trends during the popular seasons. When choosing bridesmaid dresses for fall, there are mostly trends for sequin, velvet, or satin dresses with sleeves. 

Fairytale Wedding Theme

Couples base their fairytale wedding themes on their best-loved childhood tales. It is best to pick a venue to create a romantic and magical atmosphere. Adding string lights gives the wedding a warm glow and a magical atmosphere. 

Incorporating some mismatched wedding seating or adding villain-inspired decorations gives the wedding an aesthetic and magical look. Including some pastel-colored flowers with the decorations also helps to create a dreamy and magical ambiance in the wedding venue. 

Have a Classic Fairytale Wedding! 

Fairytale weddings create a romantic and magical ambiance for couples. It emphasizes romance and gives the couple an elegant and royal feeling on their big day. Picking a venue that will accentuate the romance and magic of the fairytale wedding is crucial.

Adding some pastel and colorful flowers to the wedding venue makes the atmosphere romantic. Couples can also use a tree aisle, lush flower arch and string lights to create more magic in the ceremony.