A Breakdown on Different Kinds of Refrigerators Styles

The best refrigerator brands in Australia offer a host of designs. Without adequate knowledge of these fridge styles, choosing a refrigerator can become an overwhelming task. Each style has its own pros and cons. Doing a cost-benefit analysis of these styles can help you choose from among the best refrigerators in India. From french doors or mini-fridges, here’s a breakdown of all styles of refrigerators available in India.

a). Top Freezer

This style has been a classic mainstay in the kitchen for decades. These refrigerators are also referred to as single-door as the fridge has one door only. The freezer is on top which may not be ideal for taller users who have to bend to access the fridge. However, top freezer refrigerators offer a decent amount of space for a budget-friendly price. They also come in variable sizes. There are numerous of the best refrigerators under 20000 that you may buy for the top freezer featured fridge.

b). Bottom Freezer

As the name suggests, the freezer is relegated to the bottom portion of these refrigerators. This allows for easier access to the fridge’s contents as it is at eye level for most people. Refrigerators are still a single door model. They offer a decent block of storage space, come in variable sizes, and are more budget-friendly than double door fridges. Do note that single door fridges require more swing space which might make them difficult to install in smaller kitchens.

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c). Side-by-Side

In side-by-side refrigerators, the freezer is adjacent to the fridge. One door opens to the vertical freezer, while the opposite door opens to the fridge, making for a sleeker design. The benefit of side by side fridges is that both the fridge and freezer are at eye level. Side-by-Side fridges also offer the advantage of needing a smaller door swing space than a single door fridge. They can be ideal for a kitchen with limited area. Many of these models also feature an external water dispenser and ice machine.

d). French Doors

The modern French door refrigerator —  also known as Très Jolie — brings a contemporary look to your kitchen. The lower-freezer setup allows for large blocks of storage space. Additionally, the design permits opening one side of the top refrigerator door at a time which decreases the release of cool air. Models typically include a freezer that is drawer-style. Some models also have french doors for the freezer as well. Like the side-by-side fridges, French doors require a smaller swing space, while also permitting lots of versatility in accommodating large or wide items.

e). Mini Fridge

For those who do not need the storage space of a full-sized fridge, a mini-fridge is the perfect solution. These designs provide the cooling power in a much smaller package. They are ideal for small kitchens, recreation rooms, offices, dorm rooms, and the like. Mini-fridges also come with a variable size range. Some have a glass front, separate freezer compartment, or double-doors. They can come as freestanding models, while others require installation within a cabinet.


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