Everything you need to know about KTM 390 Duke and Bajaj Dominar 400

The KTM series never received as much love than what it did after they introduced a new member to their sports series, the KTM 390 Duke. This amazing Australian sports bike is known for its amazing comfort and the thrilling adventure of riding it through all terrains.

Closer back home, we always trust our experience. And when it comes to bikes, Bajaj is known for its history of manufacturing amazing bikes. With incredible power and performance, their latest product, the Bajaj Dominar 400, improves their lineup even more. Known to be comfortable for both, riding through the city and going on trips, the Bajaj Dominar 400 is a complete value for your money.

Whether you choose to go for a sporty bike or are looking for something more robust and ideal to drive in, both, the city and on trips, there are plenty of options available for you.

Here are a few things you should know before buying one of these bikes.


FeaturesKTM 390 DukeBajaj Dominar 400Conclusion
PriceIn 2019, the KTM 390 Duke is priced at Rs. 2,48,000Bajaj’s Dominar 400 has a price tag of Rs. 1,80,000While the KTM 390 Duke definitely holds the higher price end, both these bikes are ideal choices for affordable two-wheeler loans.
Engine and PowerThe KTM 390 Duke sports a 373.2 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. It can provide a power of 43.5PS with 37Nm torque and has a six-speed gearbox.The Dominar 400 is equipped with a 373.3 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. It provides you with a power of 40PS along with 35Nm torque.These bikes provide identical power and performance levels. With a smart two-wheeler loan, you can surely bring one of them home.
FuelWith a mind-blowing mileage of 25.7 kilometers per liter, the KTM 390 Duke is one of the most fuel-efficient bikes you can buy. It is equipped with a huge 13.4-liter fuel tank as well.The Dominar 400 sports a 13-liter fuel tank and can go on for an impressive 25.59 kilometers per liter.When it comes to efficiency, neither of these bikes falls short of providing you with excellence.
Size and WeightWeighing at 149 kilograms and with a length of 2.145 meters, the KTM Duke 390 is the lighter bike of the two. It stands at a height of 0.8 meters and is 0.76 meters wide.The Dominar 400 is the bulkier of the two and weighs around 182 kilograms and is 2.156 meters long. It has a height of 1.112 meters and is 0.813 meters wide.Both these bikes are amazing performers and provide you with incredible power and speed. Buying them is much easier when you find a good bike loan to help you bring one of them home.
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Ktm 390
Both, the KTM Duke 390 and Bajaj’s Dominar 400 are extremely sporty, powerful vehicles. They provide the rider with great mileage and swift speed, making it difficult to choose one of them.

While Bajaj is trustworthy and the best option to go for, it doesn’t mean you should necessarily sacrifice your choice because of that. Bajaj loan interest rates starting at 7.85%. With flexible EMI options and minimum documentation, Bajaj Auto Finance is your smartest solution for bike loans.


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