8 Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Buying gifts for men can be hard work, really hard work! Every article says get them some socks or a pair of pants, but there’s every chance that the man in your life already has a whole drawer full of socks and pants (probably bought for him) and doesn’t need anymore.

So, what can you get him?

Choosing the Right Gift

Picking the right gift for the man in your life, be that your boyfriend, husband, brother, son, dad, or grandad, can be a challenge. It’s not like most men would like a spa day and gift vouchers that usually just sit on the desk for months on end (because, you know, shopping).

It’s time to get creative with the men in your life and pick them gifts they will love and ACTUALLY want to use, rather than just smile politely, say thank you, and shove it at the back of their closet for the next four years.

With that being said, here are eight gift ideas for the man in your life that are unique and worth the money you’re spending on them.

Cologne with a Difference

Starting off with cologne. Original, right? 


Actually, this is a great idea, but don’t go for a standard bottle of their favorite cologne that they always wear (or, more likely, the one you always buy him that he rarely wears) go for a cologne subscription!

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Cologne subscriptions allow your man to get regular cologne samples through the post every month (avoiding the need for him to go shopping), and he can switch up his choices any time he likes to freshen up his scent. 

Sounds like a perfect deal.

Slippers or House Shoes

Slippers, yet again so original, right?

Well, as you guessed it, this suggestion comes with a bit of a difference, and that difference is that the slippers you pick should be house shoes, so not strictly slippers!

It seems like the whole world has been stuck at home for the last year or so and, if your man is working from home, it’s likely that he’s spent ages padding around in just his pajama trousers and bare feet.

This is a bad idea because it’s not great for your feet to be bare all the time, and he could easily tread on something and end up in the ER. Not to mention it’s a real fuss to find and put on a pair of shoes when he has to nip outside to put the trash out or water the garden.

House shoes are the perfect answer because they have a soft rubber sole that is waterproof, so they can cope with quick outdoor trips, and they’re comfortable enough to be able to be worn like slippers around the house.

Jogging Clothes

Maybe a little bit passive-aggressive, but it’s for the good of his health (that’s what you tell yourself anyway).

Grab your guy some new jogging clothes and encourage him to get off the couch and hit the streets with you. 

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Bonus points if you pick him some jogging clothes that have reflective strips so that he’s more visible on your joint night runs!

Snack Box Subscription

If your man is going back to work soon, he’s likely not looking forward to the temptations of the fast-food options near his office, and let’s face it when a sausage roll or a quick burger is on offer, it’s a much more appealing thought than those carrot sticks you packed him.

Do away with the temptation with a healthy snack box subscription and get it delivered to his workplace. You can usually choose from weekly boxes or monthly boxes, and there are all kinds of different boxes to suit different tastes.

Healthy AND convenient, you don’t usually get that!

Barbecue Accessories

It’s almost barbecue season, and there’s nothing most men love more than to be outside grilling things on the barbecue and taking pride in cooking over the coals.

This is why he needs a new set of barbecue accessories to make him feel like the head garden chef he really is.

Feel free to get creative with this one, go for a personalized apron, a decent chef’s hat, maybe a thermometer, and – if you’re really pushing the boat out – why not get his name engraved on a new set of barbecue tools?

Coffee Machine with Reusable Pods

Coffee! It’s the lifeblood of most people in the Western world, men included! 

If your man loves a decent cup of joe, it’s time to splash out on a fancy new coffee machine that can make him his favorite cup to perfection every time.

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The only downside to coffee machines is those little coffee pods. Sure, most of them SAY they’re recyclable, but if you’re not on top of your recycling, they can pile up and end up heading into the wrong trash bag.

Deck out his new coffee machine with a set of reusable coffee pods that fit, saving him time and saving the environment all at the same time.

An Experience Day

If your man wants to try a new hobby but doesn’t want to risk wasting his money buying all of the gear only to find out it’s not for him, consider getting him an experience day to try it out for himself.

Experience days are a really popular gift for all ages, from teen right through to senior citizen, and there are lots of different options like paragliding, rock climbing, pottery making, an art retreat, or even street dance classes!

A Tech Pouch and Everyday Carry Bag

Just a few decades ago, most men wouldn’t be seen dead carrying any kind of ‘handbag’, but these days there are more and more men getting into the everyday carry scene and taking a casual sling with them full of all of their valuable gear.

Upgrade your man’s look with a fashionable everyday carry bag and matching tech pouch, so he can keep his phone, keys, wallet, tablet, spare battery, and kindle all in one place!


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