We all know about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. Many people are now finding the best ways to reduce plastic pollution. If you haven’t made the switch to the idea of reusable shopping bags, it’s time to bring a change of mind. People are choosing it over single-use plastic bags as every year 2.41 million tons of plastic enter into our oceans.

There is a massive amount of plastic that gets dumped in our oceans and it is important that we speed up our efforts to clean it up. Plastic bags are a huge threat and damage to human lives, animals, and the environment. With more public awareness, several people are cutting down on plastic and replacing them with reusable items. It is the best way to replace plastic bags with durable Mesh produce bags.

A reusable shopping bag is the best substitution for plastic bags. These bags can be used multiple times. It is usually made from fabric such as natural fibers, canvas. The cotton reusable mesh bags are considered as the best reusable bags. They are also very good shopping bags and you can easily carry your groceries in them. You can easily purchase cotton mesh bags from supermarkets and apparel shops.

Here are the top three reasons you need to start using reusable shopping bags now:

a). Effective Bags: 

Reusable grocery bags are eco-friendly and you should know their benefits and learn how to use them properly. They are useful for the shopping days as they provide an easier way to carry rather than those plastic bags. Cotton mesh bags are available in different sizes and are much more efficient. A reusable cotton mesh bag can hold almost anything. You can also bring them with you everywhere and avoid using plastic bags.

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Quality reusable cotton mesh bags are compact. You can fold it into a size small to fit into your pocket or drawer. They can also fit into your purse. Whenever you go outside, you make sure to take a bag with you. They are so comfortable to carry when you have to walk long distances. They can hold not just groceries but also a set of books. Whatever the item you place in this bag, it will retain its shape.

Even the liquids and leaks from groceries or moisture from vegetables cannot dampen a reusable bag. However, you must promote good hygiene by cleaning or washing your reusable shopping bag. After every use, wipe off the spills with a damp cloth or you can put it for machine wash. Washing not only removes food stains but also eliminates bacteria.

b). Better Bags: 

Reusable bags are a far better way to go because they are better than plastic bags as well as paper bags. Paper bags are not a better option. They are also not good for our environment as several trees are cut down for their production. With growing concerns about global warming, this is not a path we should choose. In addition to causing harm to the environment, paper bags also take up a lot of energy. It takes almost 13% more energy to make a single paper bag than to make two plastic bags.

The production of paper bags releases harmful toxins into the atmosphere and causes high temperatures. Not only plastic bags, but paper ones also end up in our oceans and water bodies.  Very less percent of paper bags is recycled, and the atmospheric waste they produce is 2% higher than that of plastic. There is no way better than choosing reusable cotton mesh bags. Reusable bags offer many more benefits than any other bag.

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c). Eco-Friendly:

Choosing mesh produce bags reduce the harm that is caused to our environment by plastic bags. By using them we can reduce plastic waste and prevent harmful toxins from getting into the soil and waterways. Many plastics in our ocean is ingested by sea animals such as whales, dolphins, sharks, seals, turtles, and even sea birds that results in their death. Reusable mesh bags are less likely to end up in our oceans.

The problem of landfills is huge in many cities today. It makes the cities unappealing to tourists and visitors. Plastic waste is a significant cause of the many dumps and by opting for reusable bags, we can shut plastic use and conserve our planet.

Bringing Reusable mesh produce bags to the store will help to create awareness. You can get the mesh produce bags in a variety of designs and are one effective way to get people’s attention. Some grocery stores have started to offer discounts to customers who bring their reusable bags along. Discounts motivate several customers to reduce their plastic bag use and embrace eco-friendly options like reusable bags. Many people notice several benefits of these stylish bags and they eventually end up opting for it.

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