5 Fun Activities to Do With the Kids This Weekend

Kids are always full of energy, and if you think that you are going to relax at the weekend, you are probably mistaken. If you are running out of interesting activities to keep the kids entertained on your days off, here is a selection of fun and engaging activities that will tire them out before bedtime.

1. Bake cookies

Traditional activities are often the best when it comes to entertaining the kids, and if you want them to put their gadgets down for an hour or so, baking cookies is a great place to start. Not only will you be teaching them important life skills, but they will have something to show for their efforts, and feast on, once the cookies are baked. Cookies are one of the easiest bakes that you can enjoy with your kids, and if you want to make cookies for an occasion, or simply amplify the fun, you should consider investing in themed Cookie Cutters for your family.

2. Go on a nature walk

However, if you and the kids are tired of being cooped up in the house, you should get out and about by going on a nature walk. Although your kids may grumble at getting out into the countryside, you can help them to stay engaged by playing games such as spotting different types of plants and animals, or I-Spy. You might also consider allowing them to humanely and temporarily trap bugs, or to take home leaves and flowers to press at home.

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3. Host a treasure hunt

Whether you want to keep the kids entertained indoors or get them outside, hosting a treasure hunt can help to encourage them to burn off energy and can make them feel as if they are going on an adventure. To do this, you should hide small items such as candy around your home or garden, and then create clues to help your kids to find the treats that you have hidden, with an extra special reward at the end.

4. Get crafty

Kids love to get stuck in and to make a mess, though, and so you should consider ways to get crafty at home. This includes making seasonal decorations, building a town out of cardboard, or sculpting clay figurines. You might also help them to make plushies, or even to create collages and self-portraits, which they can treasure for the rest of their lives. You should make sure that you reward them for their hard work for putting paintings and display and by praising their efforts.

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5. Build a den 

However, if you want to transform your home into a secret hideout or camp, what better way to do this than to build a den or blanket fort? Blanket forts can be perfect for movie nights and imaginary play, and you can build them with all of the items that you find around the house, from washing lines and pegs, to blankets, cushions, and even stacks of books.

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