Prominent Rise of Rental Food Trucks in Dubai

Are you one of those people who wish to start their first restaurant? It is only fair. Food indeed is an exciting thing to be working with.  Although it is more of a passion than it is a business, and it is always a good idea to turn your passion into your business. It is the same as the saying that goes like, ‘If you are good at something, never do it for free’.  However, starting a food business is not that easy, especially in a city like Dubai, where there are so many well-established businesses and new startups related to food existing already.

In situations like these, people often fear and have cold feet because they cannot afford to invest in something that cannot guarantee the desired outcome. But this doesn’t mean that they will bury their passion and kill their dreams of opening a restaurant in Dubai. So what if they cannot buy a vast land in a posh area and build a fancy restaurant yet? They have got to start somewhere, and a food truck sounds like a good idea. The food truck business is a perfect choice as it involves minimal investment and risks. All around the world, the food truck business has become incredibly popular over the last few years.

The best part about having a food truck is that you are entirely mobile, which means you can carry out your business in any part of the city you like and draw as many customers as you can think of. Hence, it follows a few primary reasons why there has been a prominent rise in food truck rental in Dubai. Some essential pointer for the noticeable increase in rental food trucks are:

  • Minimal Investment
  • Portability
  • Low Running Cost
  • Large Target Audience
  • Branding And Expansion

Minimal Investment

It is a low-cost investment to go for a food truck if you wish to start a restaurant business in Dubai rather than a sophisticated dine-in. You just need to purchase a car, and if that is also what bothers you, there are several companies from where you can rent one. Allow us to tell you that the rental vehicles in Dubai cost less than a fraction of the downpayment for a basic vehicle. It is as affordable as it sounds.

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The next task is to get the proper food equipment, utensils, machinery, appliances, etc. Again, you can get these things as well, on rent or lease. Even if you wish to buy all these things, don’t worry because there are several places in Dubai that sell you the items above for cheap. You can buy them second hand as well, and they will still be fulfilling their purpose.


One of the most prominent features of a food truck is its portability. One can quickly move the food truck throughout different regions in Dubai. This not only gains popularity but also helps in the expansion of the business. You can gain immense amounts of fame in several areas if you offer excellent quality food at a reasonable price. This will assure you that you are on the right track and that your dreams aren’t too far away from coming true.

One can quickly stop and provide food to the people and move ahead to the next destination. What else can be better than your food truck arriving at your destination with your favorite food? Also, as you gain expertise, you can begin to take orders over call or text and deliver them to various places. You can charge higher for the food that you will be offering. This way, you will be able to keep up with the emerging trends of food delivery at home.

Low Running Cost

The running cost of a food truck involves only three things:

  • Food
  • Gas
  • Food supplies
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There is, as such, no requirement of a full-fledged staff as initially, you can start with just yourself and a cook. Rest is all about the passion for food. If you keep your passion burning, you will not even feel like you are working. Every single day that you cook and sell food makes you feel more alive than usual. There can be days of losses, but that’s just part and parcel of any business. Also, it is only right that there is no fun without risk.

Large Target-Audience

In a world full of food-loving people, a food truck is probably bliss to the food lovers. From trying new varieties to sticking with the favorites, there is just so much to get along with. Hence, ensure that you know your audience and their taste. It will not cost you too much to offer your customers to taste bits of your other food items for free. It will increase your popularity, and as a result, your sales will increase.

Select regions and have a little survey about what can target the maximum audience. Or you may bring a new catch to the audience and get their attention.

Branding & Expansion

When you can move your food truck from one place to another, the public love is what you need the most for the expansion of your business network.

Hence, it is always suggested to give your food truck a brand name. This helps in the effective and efficient expansion of your food truck business. To add some spice, you can even move forward to showing a little bit of creativity with the appearance of your food truck. An attractive looking vehicle that sends out an aroma of delicious food is sure to invite a lot of people. These are the people that help you make money.

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Finding a one-stop destination to get all the best services might sound confusing to you in the market as broad as Dubai. Yet, all your issues are eliminated here with Trukkin. If you are looking for food truck rental services, it is your right stop. Reach out to experience the best services at all times.


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