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Automobile accidents can come at times when you least expect it. Be it a minor or a major accident, car insurance is something that you should always have. Saving money is important but knowing you’re safe is even better. Have a look at a well-known automobile insurance Oregon to see how it can help you.

It’s near impossible to know when and where you will be in an accident. If you’re lucky, hopefully, you’d never even have to be in one. However, in the event that you are involved in a car accident then you should know the dos and don’ts of a car insurance claim. Most don’t know when to file a claim and how the process works.

With a little knowledge, you can rest assured that after an incident you and your car are in a good place financially. Things can get a little expensive especially in cases where other vehicles are involved. Here are a few ways you can deal with insurance claims and how to go about it.

Understand the coverage of your insurance

First, you must understand the coverage of your car insurance. Insurance can get a bit tricky with the details. Obviously, there are different sets of rules for each coverage. Your company will cover most of this when you first get the insurance. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to do your own research so you get the most out of it.

Familiarize yourself with the policy of your insurance so if the need for a claim arises you know exactly what you will get. If you get automobile insurance Oregon or in any other state, different policies should be discussed. This helps avoid any confusion later down the line if ever you get the chance to make a claim.

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Understanding the coverage also helps you manage your expectations better. Imagine thinking that your insurance will cover an accident only to find out that it’s not under the coverage of your plan. Some policies don’t cover self-inflicted damage to the car. In some cases, it’s even better to have it repaired yourself.

Get the necessary information

Information is crucial when dealing with automotive insurance claims. Anything that deals with finance should use accurate information.  Any parties involved should have accurate names to avoid any inconsistencies in the recording. Don’t forget to take photos for additional proof/evidence of what happened.

Photos should include the damage to your vehicle, the other vehicle (if applicable), and the location of the accident. Automobile insurance Oregon companies will also require you to present some type of information before you commit to a policy.

You can visit their site to get a quote that usually does not have a cost and will not affect your credit score. This goes both ways too, be sure to get information from them. One way you could do that is by visiting their website, or talking to an agent. Either way, the goal is to know more about insurance. 

Don’t forget about deductibles

Many automobile insurance Oregon or other states have deductibles in their policies. This is then subtracted from your insurance claim. Most of the time an agent will look at your deductibles first before you get approved for a claim. Your record is also under investigation to check whether you are a risk for them.

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Deductibles are the figures you have to pay yourself (from your own pocket). Now there are different types of insurance that make use of deductibles. Understand that the amount may vary depending on the policy so keep an eye out for that. Simply choose the amount that works best with your budget and plan.

If you happen to have been in a small accident, it might be better not to get a claim at all. Just have it repaired out of your own pocket so it does not affect your score. Additionally, if it is someone else’s fault then let their insurance handle it. Just make sure you have enough proof/evidence such as dashcam clips or photos.

When exactly should you file a claim?

Listing down the exact time or moment you should file a claim is a little hard, but here are some situations you should.

When you suspect insurance fraud, you had better be careful. There are many scammers out there who take advantage of hard-working people. They are willing to put their bodies on the line so they can get you to pay them. Look up videos on how they execute different types of frauds so you are aware of how it works.

The best step to take here is to coordinate with your insurance company. Don’t let frauds and scammers get the best of you. Because they will go to great lengths to scare you to get you to pay up. Once they know you’re insured they will almost instantly change their tone.

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Major damages and injury are also one reason you should file a claim. Automobile insurance Oregon companies have websites and agents you can talk to. As stated earlier, the quotes and inquiries come at no extra cost. If you are already under a policy that is when your call might be on record.

When shouldn’t you file a claim?

There is no need for insurance claims when the accident involves only your vehicle. Let’s say you clumsily went back into your garage door and only suffered a small dent. As a result, your repair cost will only be slightly more expensive than the deductible.

Just have local mechanics do the work and pay from your own pocket. Automobile insurance Oregon will have the information you need upon sign up or quotation. Remember all the information the agent will give to you as you will need this later on.

NCB’s are also one reason you should forgo a claim. Upon renewal of your policy, there’s a discount on your premium at the end of the year.  No claim bonuses revert to zero if you made a claim so think twice before calling in for small dents.


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