4 Garage Light Options

Your garage or workspace does not resemble a scene from a classic film. It requires adequate illumination to see socket sizes or find a screw that has rolled under your tool chest.

There are several lighting choices available, as well as various types of lighting fixtures. We strive to offer you the best in this collection, helping you to choose the lighting that best suits your needs.

The garage lights ideas mentioned below are some of the best available for both residential and garage use.

What are the benefits of LED garage lighting?

LED lighting consumes approximately half the wattage of fluorescent tube lighting and up to 90% less than an incandescent lamp. As a result, you will get more illumination by consuming less energy, saving you money. LED lighting is not only more effective, but it will also last for twice as long as a fluorescent tube lamp, saving you money and time so you won’t have to replace them as much.

Garage Lighting Fixtures with LED Tubes

4ft LED shop lights fixtures or double tube fixtures are available. The tubes are the fixture’s individual lamps, which are designed to provide the most clear, bright light where it’s needed.

Some fixtures can be placed flush to the ceiling, while others are suspended and can hang lower, and even others have the option of being built either way.

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Garage Light Fixtures with LED Bulbs

The bulb base on LED bulb garage fixtures can be screwed onto an existing ceiling fixture. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, and they have additional advantages in terms of lighting quality and other features such as lighting direction adjustability.

Wraparound Garage Light Fixtures with LEDs

The LED bulbs inside the wraparound garage fixtures are protected by an acrylic lens. Its aim is to evenly disperse light in all directions. Since the bulbs are not exposed like they are with other fixtures, this look is often preferred when you want a more polished look to the room.

Including the tube lights above, depending on the fixture you chose, some can be placed flat to the ceiling, some can be suspended so they hang lower, and others can be positioned any way. So, make sure you shop lights LED when making a choice.

Lumens Suggestions For LED Garage Lighting And Garage Lighting Design Ideas

When calculating the amount of light needed for a garage, add the length of the space by the width of the room to obtain the square footage.

This number is needed in order to determine the recommended Lumens for your garage lighting.

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A general rule of thumb for how many lumens are needed for total garage lighting is 50 lumens per square foot. That means that if you have a 14-foot-wide by 22-foot-long single-car driveway, you’ll have 308 square feet in your garage. You get 15,400 by multiplying 308 by 50.

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Final thoughts

The right LED garage and shop lighting will drastically improve the way you use your room. Regardless of the size of your garage or your level of handyman ship, one of the above choices will help you turn your shop with bright LED lighting. We hope our list was helpful in locating the best option for you!


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