Parental Responsibility- Know What are Grandparent’s Rights

Every country has specific rules and guidelines to follow the process. In the UK, grandparent’s rights follow a different legal process for transferring parental responsibility. The term parental responsibility pays heed to the parent’s duties and responsibilities towards their child. Duties such as education, medical treatment, child leisure activities, and much more. It’s defined in section 3(1) Children Act 1989. Meanwhile, for assistance, a Family law solicitors in Tunbridge Wells  or near you can help you in a better understanding of parental responsibility. 

Essence of Grandparents

For many families, grandparents play a crucial role in their grandchild’s upbringing. Many Working parents want grandparents to look after their children instead of sending their little ones to daycare. Generally, grandparents have a deep and pure connection with their grandchild. 

In case of family disputes, separation from their grandchild is quite heart-breaking. In such scenarios, grandparents apply for their rights to maintain a connection with their grandchild. When coming to parental responsibility, the court authorities get through in-depth research & analysis. So, can parental responsibility be transferred? Before that, learn about a few parental responsibilities which are essential for the development of the child.


Every parent wants their child to have a prosperous future. Parents love seeing their children growing intellectually strong, which makes their future defined & strong. So, education is the key to having a bright future. It should never be neglected and must be given immense attention. You can speak to a Financial adviser in Portsmouth to plan savings for your child’s higher education.

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Keeping the child at home will shatter him/her from the reality of the world. Every child urges for a good social environment. So, one of the parental responsibilities is to take care of the child’s social needs, such as making friends, taking them for leisure visits, etc. 


Another crucial responsibility is to guide them with good values. Learning starts from home, so what the child learns at home will reflect in the actions. So, parents need to ensure that the right moral values are taught to their children.

Can Parental Responsibility be Transferred?

A person holding parental responsibility can’t transfer the responsibility to another person. The responsibility can be shared, not completely transferred. Responsibility can be delegated to a teacher, friend, partner, relative, and even grandparents. However, the person with parental responsibility is liable. 

So, does it mean grandparents cannot have parental responsibility? Yes, in some circumstances, they can have, but it’s important to have a Child Arrangement Order in favour. Here, one needs to talk to a specialist lawyer who can understand the case thoroughly and guide you the best for child welfare. 

Final Words

Having parental responsibility means working for the welfare of a child. The responsibility is managed in various aspects; financial and emotional play a vital role. In other words, a person handling a child should have sound finances and also upbringing the child with good moral values. The process to apply for parental responsibility is quite complex and detailed. So, grandparents’ rights contain many things which need expert advice.