Easy ways to grow Instagram followers in 2022

Followers have a primary and critical role in your  growth and development on Instagram. They are not only essential to increasing your reach, but they also help you by building a solid community. 

Instagram has become a challenging and tricky platform, and everyone is in the race for followers. To become famous, a celebrity, or an influencer, you must have a strong community supporting you, and your survival depends on the number of followers you have on Instagram. 


Although there are many ways to gain followers on Instagram, you can get paid followers from FollowersCart.com.au the authentic Source of social media growth service providers. But in this blog, we have picked the top 10 easy ways to grow your australian Instagram followers in 2022. The more prominent account holders commonly and majorly use these trips. 

Therefore, these simple yet astonishing tricks allow you to grow your Instagram followers without using your money.

  •  Leading the First impression
  •  Jump into reels ocean:
  •  SEO-based posting
  •  Right hashtag on the right time
  •  Shareable and relatable content
  •  Branding with influencers
  •  Create challenges on Instagram 
  •  Competition-based activities such as Giveaways
  •  Manifesting and evident theme
  • Web traffic via different platforms

Leading the First impression

You must once hear of ‘first impression is the last impression. To be honest, it is not wrong. People judge you from the first impression you leave on them; the same goes for Instagram accounts. If your first impression impresses them, they will continue knowing you; otherwise, all your hard work will be in vain.

  • Make sure your feed layout is organized in a meaningful way.
  • Use aesthetic pictures to make a themed layout.
  • Use editing tools to upload attractive and aesthetic pictures.
  • Furthermore, you can get many ideas for your feed layout designs from the internet.
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Jump into reels ocean:

To become trendy and viral first, you must become part of the scenario. However, always keep in mind what type of content you are posting. In recent interviews, Instagram CEO has already announced that Instagram is a video-sharing app now, and particularly the popular format of videos are reels and short videos.

  • Make as many reels as you can.
  • Use trendy and non-copy right sounds on your reels.
  • Make your reels on trendy topics.
  • You can remix your reels with someone else’s to get more Instagram Followers.
  • Reels are the easiest way to reach out to the public in bulk.
  • Make your reel as short as possible on the base of the short video format.
  • Upload high-quality videos on Instagram.

SEO based posting

SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, has made possible what was considered impossible in the past. Almost all social media are working on the base of SEO. Keywords are essential in SEO as Instagram is also an SEO-based platform. 

  • The addition of relevant and popular keywords in your caption is a must thing.
  • Make it as refined as you can with minor complexity. 
  • At the same time, Keywords should be chosen carefully and they must match your post and caption.

Right hashtag on the right time

Hashtags lead 11% more audience to your account if you have used the correct hashtag in the right place.

  • Make sure hashtags are keyword based. 
  • You can use hashtags in your captions and reels. 
  • Use trendy hashtags.
  • Invest your time in premium quality hashtags.
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Shareable and relatable content

  • While uploading content on Instagram, remember that the content should be relatable and shareable.
  • As it brings a significant impact on the audience visiting your account.
  • You can upload memes to get a massive audience; memes are the new trend, and you should never ignore trends.
  • Funny videos using funny sounds or acting can get public attention, consequently, people will visit your account.

Branding with influencers

  • Whether you are a brand, a startup, or a blogger, you need to work with famous and successful influencers and brands.
  • Branding your account with influential accounts and personalities on Instagram is a vital task. 
  • As you know, influencers have greatly influenced the public, so you can make different campaigns with them. 
  • Work with more prominent and popular brands and get double benefits. 
  • First, people will get curious if you work with a big brand.
  • Secondly, the brand’s following will come to your account too.

Create challenges on Instagram 

Although video making is a promising idea, making challenge-based videos is always a trendy idea as it never goes old.

You can start a challenge and ask different people to do the same. You can also nominate people by tagging them in your reel and asking people to complete the challenge and tag you.

Competition based activity as Giveaways

  • Always make the public astonished with your act on Instagram, and what’s the best option other than giveaways?
  • Giveaways are always pretty popular among content creators and other Instagram users.
  • You can ask people to comment under a specific post, re-share on the story and tag you; in the commenting section, tag 3/5 other accounts and make sure they also follow you, and they can win different rewards. 
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Manifesting and evident theme

  • What if your account seems confused? Are you worried about it? No worries, don’t get disappointed; there’s always a solution. Although it seems complicated and has a bunch of problems, you can go out with a great strategy.
  • The content you upload should match your account topic, and the content should be according to your overall theme of services.
  • Make a theme for your account and always upload according to your wisdom.

Web traffic via different platforms

Securing web traffic with your strategic planning is possible. You can also get an audience from outside of Instagram, and why not? 

Share your content, posts, or profile links on other high-traffic websites.

Similarly, you can share your posts or account link on Facebook and Tiktok too.

Tiktok is a platform with a massive audience, certainly a great place to get an audience for you. Finally, you can make your account a worth visiting place.

Use these 10 easy peasy ticks to get over hurdles like fewer followers. 

  •  Leading the First impression
  •  Jump into reels ocean:
  •  SEO-based posting
  •  Right hashtag on the right time
  •  Shareable and relatable content
  •  Branding with influencers
  •  Create challenges on Instagram 
  •  Competition-based activity as Giveaways
  •  Manifesting and evident theme
  • Web traffic via different platforms

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