The Importance of a Mobile First Marketing Strategy for Businesses

We’re now officially living in the post-PC age and most of the people who go online do it on either a smartphone or a tablet. This means that you may find yourself struggling to keep up if you still have a PC-centric approach to business. Going for a mobile-first strategy is a must if you want to be able to compete and neglecting or downright ignoring mobile device users is a sure recipe for disaster. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why going with a mobile-first marketing strategy is so important for businesses nowadays.

The Media Shift

One study found that 78% percent of teenagers today use their mobile device principally to go online and about 70% of all online media is now being consumed on phones. You can already see how important it is to adjust your business to fit your users’ changing needs.

You need to develop online sites and apps that are friendly to mobile users and readjust the marketing methods you’re currently using. Things like banner advertising and PPC still work for mobile, but they need to be carefully tweaked to get the best results. This is why it would be a good idea to speak with an experienced mobile advertising agency if you want to focus more on mobile users and not have to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on trial and error.

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Google Could Penalize You if You Don’t

Did you know that Google now uses the mobile version of your site as the default for ranking purposes? That’s right if your site is not mobile-friendly, not only will it do poorly in search results, but might not even get indexed.

So, you have to make sure that your site’s design is responsive and that it is optimized for mobile phones. You’ll need to look at things like font size and weight, navigation, and be careful with things like pop-ups. You should also try to declutter your website so you can make it easier on portable devices.

Another thing you should do is test your website on multiple mobile devices and browsers. Try it on Android and iOS tablets and phones to see how the website behaves and make corrections if needed.

Command their Attention

People spend a lot of their time looking at their screens, and this is the perfect place to be if you want to get their increasingly precarious attention. SMS marketing can be an extremely powerful marketing method to use, especially when you pair it with things like geo-fencing. Most people read their emails through their phones too, and if your emails are not formatted with mobiles in mind, you will not get the same results from your efforts.

Decrease Bounce Rates and Improve Conversions

Your website might look great from a laptop, but it may be almost impossible to navigate when it’s on a smartphone and there’s nothing that will turn a prospective client around faster than a website that offers a bad experience. If a person’s first interaction with your brand is through a clunky or disorganized mobile site, they might build a negative view of your brand and might never come back. So, you have to make sure that your site works for everyone and represents your brand correctly.

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You will also suffer drops in conversions if you don’t give your visitors a good online shopping experience. You need to make sure that images are well adjusted and that you have detailed easy-to-read descriptions. The checkout process needs to be seamless and feel safe as well.

Gain Valuable Insights That You Can Use at Multiple Levels

Monitoring mobile activity could give you access to lots of valuable data that you can use to inform business decisions. Location information alone could help you tell where most of your clients are coming from and help you personalize their experience. This could be very valuable when deciding who you should target and where you should expand.

Going with a mobile-friendly fire strategy is a must in 2023. If you don’t have one now and you have never thought about it before, you need to start making your sites better for mobile users now or your business will suffer.


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