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Marketing remains a fundamental operation for businesses, even in the wake of a pandemic that has dramatically changed the state of play for many enterprises. If you’re managing a marketing team in 2022, you’ll likely have experienced a great deal of change over the past three years, from the automation of various aspects of your job to the move to online, remote working. This guide is all about how you can adapt your management approach to make the most of the skills and experience in your marketing team, producing better outputs as a result. 

Management Skills

Managing teams remotely is a new challenge for those who’ve worked as the head of a marketing team for many years. The norms you learned when you were managing your team in an office space might feel that they’ve dropped away now that your team is based in their homes. But there are things that you can pick up, learn and adapt to help you better manage remote marketing teams. These include:

  • Set aside time for one-to-one video calls with all of your team, preferably at least once a fortnight. These will help you check in, hear any grievances, and provide feedback. 
  • Make online calendars and charts to show where you want your team to be in a week and a month’s time. This will help incentivize harder work. 
  • Allow your team to socialize online as well as work together online, and continue to organize fun real-life meet-ups to help encourage a team spirit. 
  • Set ambitious targets for each of the staff members that you can measure remotely online – such as engagement on certain posts.
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All of these tips won’t be advice you’re necessarily unfamiliar with, but they’re essential for the optimal operation of remote marketing teams. You’re looking to inspire and motivate, and you can do that with the right approach to online, remote management. 


Marketing software has come in leaps and bounds over the past few years. That development of technology reached hyperdrive during the pandemic when many businesses sought technological solutions to their marketing requirements that would save them money and help them return on their investment in marketing. If you’re interested in researching new software products that could help your team be more productive, consider engaging with:

  • All-in-one marketing automation software to help your marketing team to work more efficiently and effortlessly. By saving you time and money, digital marketing software for agencies like Adplorer enables you to give your clients greater value when creating, managing, and optimizing customers’ campaigns.
  • Software that helps you respond to customer queries. Chatbots and messaged bots are excellent at giving you a break from customer service to focus back on other marketing objectives.
  • Programs are designed to boost your marketing prowess by analyzing your performance to date. These tools can help you optimize your approach with real-time insights into how each campaign is running.
  • Digital asset management software is designed to intuitively store all of your marketing resources in one cloud-based area. This helps your team quickly access all the resources that they need to complete agile campaigns. 

On that last note, organizing your files is one of the keys to marketing success in 2022. The best enterprise software for document management can be found by researching tools online and comparing each of them for features that suit the needs of your team. 

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New Techniques

The world of marketing is always changing, and it won’t wait for you to catch up. Whether you’re marketing on behalf of your company or you’re an agency that’s marketing for multiple companies at once, you’ll know that if you’re not keeping up with the pace of change, you’ll simply be left behind. For in-house teams, that means a loss of marketing share. For agencies, that means dissatisfied customers looking elsewhere for marketing services. Here’s how you’ll keep on top of new and emerging marketing techniques:

  • Attend conferences, workshops, and networking events in the marketing space to hear about how your competitors and peers are breaking new ground in the field. 
  • Subscribe to digital journals that report on activity in the marketing space, including success stories and innovations, as well as best-practice guides that could give you inspiration for your next campaign. 
  • Search online for the best marketing blogs, follow the most impressive marketing thought leaders, and be active in the community of marketers who are pushing the boundaries of the possible. 

If you’re willing to constantly learn and keep your finger on the pulse of change in this vibrant industry, you’ll be better placed to avoid losing market share by using irrelevant marketing techniques in the future. Keep up to date and provide training to your staff when necessary to drive change internally as the marketing industry evolves externally. 

Key Metrics

Your marketing team has a budget and a reputation to uphold, whether you’re working in-house or as part of an agency. Each marketing team will know that they need to return on the investment that they’re given, and they need to be able to demonstrate that they’re worth working with and funding. In this sense, it’s of paramount importance that marketing managers are able to set key metrics for their performance and are also able to show their bosses how they’re reaching them. To this end, you should consider:

  • Engaging with advanced tracking software that’ll help you track how many people are clicking through to your website after viewing an advert online.
  • Find ways to learn from new customers how they came across your business. Often, a simple survey will help you understand whether your marketing is working.
  • Track key metrics, including how your traffic is increasing, but also the click-through rate on your website, your social media impressions, and that all-important conversion rate. 
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Marketing teams must be accountable and must show that they’re delivering real value to companies. If they cannot measure key metrics to demonstrate their success, they’ll quickly fall out of favor. If, however, they can show that they’re generating more income than they’re spending, they’ll guarantee their longevity.

These tips are designed for marketing managers who are looking for ways to improve their approach in 2022. Make a note of the advice contained here to become a smarter, more modern marketing manager this year. 

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