If you need to go check your teeth and gums out, you need to find a reputable dental office that will perform a routine checkup, clean your teeth, and provide routine x-rays on your mouth!

Three preventive dentistry procedures that are a must during your next checkup at your local dentist in Austin, Texas 

First, you might be wondering – what is preventive dentistry? Although you may feel like you are taking good care of your teeth, there are always other things you can do to make sure your gums and teeth are as healthy as possible. Preventive dental care is key to keeping your teeth healthy, avoiding cavities, preventing gum disease, and helping yourself lead a healthy lifestyle. Simple measures like brushing your teeth twice a day, avoiding sugary foods before bed, and flossing can all help you achieve a higher level of health! You should visit this Dental Veneers Syracuse Ny to get rid of bad breath.

Good oral health can significantly impact the rest of your body, even though we might forget that fact. Keeping our mouths healthy can keep our digestive system intact and our immune system in tip-top working condition. 

Consider looking into preventive dentistry at a dentist Austin Texas, so you can ensure you are healthy and have a bright smile. Preventive dentistry is commonly known as dental care that helps keep your oral health at a maintenance level. Unlike cosmetic procedures, which involve teeth whitening and inserting caps on your teeth, preventive care simply keeps your mouth in good condition.

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Regular oral exams

One of the most common preventive dentistry procedures that you will have done at a dentist in Austin, Texas, is regular oral exams. These exams typically invoke the dentist poking and prodding in your mouth to feel the teeth and ensure there are no cavities. Furthermore, they will scrape off any plaque or build-up on your teeth that can occur from lack of brushing or a bad diet. In addition, regular oral exams help by flossing and figuring out which areas of your gums may need some extra care.

Teeth cleaning

The second most common preventive density procedure typically found at a dentist’s office in Austin, Texas is teeth cleaning. The teeth cleaning involves some scraping of debris and plaque off of your teeth, flossing in hard-to-reach spaces that can be difficult on your own, using a pick to get rid of any food or debris lodged in between tight spaces in your teeth, and seeing if there are any cavities in your mouth.

Routine x-rays

The last procedure that you can have done at a dentist in Austin, Texas is a routine x-ray. A routine x-ray can get a picture of your mouth to make sure every tooth is in line, there are no cavities, and there are no other health concerns that you need to worry about. 


Before you get preventive dentistry procedures done at a dentist in Austin, Texas, you should look into the most common procedures done to make sure you are staying up to date with your routine cleaning, oral care, oral exams, and routine x-rays.

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