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It is common for sports athletes and enthusiasts to choose only the best gear and gadgets. These gadgets will not only help them reach their optimum performance but will also help them reach their goals. Whether it’s about choosing the right training equipment to train themselves or choosing the best sports gear like shoes and more, whether it’s about choosing the right workout to improve their strength or using the best deep tissue massage gun like Exogun for post workout recovery, athletes must make sure that they only have the best of their kind. One of the most common accessories or gadgets of athletes is a watch. Nowadays, timepieces are not only used as an accessory to track the time but it also has multiple features as well.

If you are dedicated to fulfilling your goals, it is best to use a timepiece that is tried and tested by many sports professionals. One of the most reliable is a luxury sports watch. This timepiece is manufactured by highly skilled watchmakers that have been in the industry for decades. TAG Heuer is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to luxury watches. In this article, we will have a closer look at this timepiece and we will show you the different stunning timepieces in their collection.

TAG Heuer History

It was in 1860 when the 20-year-old Swiss Edouard Heuer opened TAG Heuer. He invented the very first oscillating pinion that most luxury watches still use today for their chronographs. This brand is considered one of the most powerful timepieces in today’s generation. They are the only sports watch that can track up to 1/2000th of a second. However, this 160 years of legacy did not happen overnight.

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The very first popular TAG Heuer timepieces were the Time of Trip. It is equipped with an onboard chronograph that can be installed on cars and aircraft panels. This device is so advanced of its time because there was no gadget back then that can track the duration of a journey. But the most significant landmark that TAG Heuer has made in the history of sports watches is their invention of the very first self-winding chronograph. The Calibre 11 collection was launched in 1969 which is patterned to the performance of Breitling models.

Over the years, TAG Heuer has proven itself as one of the most sought-after luxury sports watches. Many prominent and leading athletes preferred to use this timepiece in their important competitions. The company has created a significant number of timepieces and has collaborated with some of the most trusted sports events in the world.

TAG Heuer Collections

If this is your first time browsing through TAG Heuer’s collection, you may be overwhelmed by the various models and designs they released. The key to finding the perfect TAG Heuer timepiece is knowing more about each of their collections. You will surely find a timepiece that is perfect to wear on your next athletic expedition. Here are some of the TAG Heuer timepieces for all events and occasions.

1. Carrera 

Released in 1963, one of the most iconic collections under TAG Heuer is Carrera. It is the best timepiece for professional drivers and sports car enthusiasts. This model is built with an astounding chronograph that can track the fastest speed you could take. Aside from their technical elegance, Carrera watches are also hailed for their fashionable and creative designs. It comes with a variety of models that will surely fit everyone’s taste.

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2. Connected Modular

Lining up with the popularity of digital watches, TAG Heuer also released a better version from their company. The Connected Modular collection is a modern smartwatch that carries the same prestige and performance as TAG Heuer timepieces. It comes with sophisticated designs and versatile functionalities that modern athletes will surely admire. 

3. Aquaracer

If you try searching for the best diving watch, you will probably end up looking at a very long list. To help you decide which timepiece to wear on your next adventure, check out the TAG Heuer Aquaracer. It is one of the most popular professional sports watches that is built with features that will survive into depths of ocean exposure. While this timepiece is intended to be worn on athletic activities, its design is so versatile that you can even wear it on casual events and travels.

4. Autavia

It was in the 1960s when the Autavia collection hit the market. This classic and elegant sports watch is personally designed by Jack Heuer. Autavia is popular among watch collectors and enthusiasts because of its simplicity. Though this minimalist watch is designed with a classic look, it also comes with a high performing mechanism. Because of that, you can guarantee its durability and longevity.

5. Formula 1

Inspired by its namesake, TAG Heuer Formula is made for professional race car drivers. It is built with a high performing mechanism that is necessary to win the final lap. This timepiece is inspired by the strength and durability of race automobiles. Because of that, you can guarantee its durability. And, most importantly, it is lightweight so it will not interfere with your focus.

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6. Monaco

TAG Heuer always wants to be part of innovation. As a result, they also released a revolutionary model that is unique to their own collection. Monaco watches are an out-of-the-box execution of their luxury timepieces. It is the very first timepiece that is designed with a square dial. This timepiece was launched in 1969 and is continuously hitting the market until today. Aside from its stunning aesthetic, the Monaco collection is also equipped with a high-performing chronograph with a micro-motor. It’s not only a stylish timepiece but also highly engineered.

7. Link

Of course, TAG Heuer is not only about creating timepieces for athletes. They also released a collection of minimalist and sophisticated timepieces to wear on formal occasions. The TAG Heuer Link collection is a classy flair among the bold selection of their timepieces. This model comes with a metal brace made with stainless steel. Aside from that, it also comes with a minimalist design on the dial and small chronograph windows.

Key takeaway

If you want to be the best in competitions, you need to wear the best luxury sports watch. With TAG Heuer, you will not only have a timepiece but also a gadget that will help you reach your best performance. Visit and check out the latest releases of TAG Heuer watches.


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