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We all have our preferred brands when we talk about luxury watches. Some of us like Rolex, some prefer an Omega, while some will choose something that has more heritage, like Longines. Yes, you heard that right! Some of you might not even have heard about Longines, while some might not—we do not blame you. This is why we are here! If what you are looking for in a luxury watch is tradition and heritage where you think they already have tried-and-tested technology, Longines is for you. More than this, what Longines truly prides itself in is creating beautiful watches that are subtle but would command your attention. Check this out!

1. Longines Master Chronograph Automatic L27594783

Elegant and a true classic—those are the right words that will describe the Longines Master Chronograph Automatic L27594783. This watch is one of the most popular Longines watches. It is perfect if you are looking for a watch with a classic design and is best for formal functions and even for everyday use.

Its case is made of stainless steel with sapphire crystal glass and water resistance that reaches down to 30m or 100 feet. This 42mm watch is about 16mm thick which ensures you durable internal engineering.

What powers up this Longines watch is an automatic movement from Switzerland—the hotspot of great luxury watches. The Longines Master Chronograph Automatic L27594783 might have a single design, but you must not underestimate its dial—the dial has lots of surprises with its wonderful details.

What complements its white dial is an elegant pattern that adds depth to the watch. Another thing that offers a beautiful detail to this watch is its blue hands in the shape of a leaf. You cannot miss your next schedule because this watch also has a date window located between its 4 o’clock numeral and 5 o’clock.

2. Longines Conquest VHP L3.716.4.56.6

The VHP in this Longines watch model stands for “Very High Professional.” The Longines Conquest VHP L3.716.4.56.6 comes from a collection (Conquest) that offers expert quality Quartz watches. A bit different from the Longines Master Chronograph Automatic L27594783, the Longines Conquest VHP L3.716.4.56.6 offers a sporty look but with the same elegance from Longines watches we love. On the inside, a Quartz movement powers up this luxury watch that tells the seconds, minutes, hours, and even the date with its perpetual calendar.

On the outside, this 41mm watch has a black case and is made of stainless steel. What is special about this is that Longines launched this collection at the first quartz clock which is the Neuchatel Observatory that Longines developed.

3. Longines Record Automatic L2.821.4.96.6

What is striking about this watch is the mesmerizing blue dial that its stainless steel case showcases. What this 40mm watch takes pride in are its highly legible markers. Aside from its Arabic numerals, it also has indices. Aside from stainless steel, you can also opt for a leather strap.

The Longines Record Automatic L2.821.4.96.6 also has a COSC certification. COSC or Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres is an institute in Switzerland that tests the accuracy of the watches Swiss brands create—the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. All the watches in the Longines Record collection have a COSC certification.

4. Longines L3.674.4.50.0 Sports Legends

A sports watch and a dive watch in one—this is one of the many things people love about the Longines L3.674.4.50.0 Sports Legends. You will be surprised upon seeing this watch because the bezel that we rotate, which is usually located outside, is inside the dial. The watch has an internal stainless-steel bezel that you can rotate in two directions. With this feature, you can now track time elapsed.

Like the other Longines watches, this 42mm watch is also protected by a sapphire glass crystal, which gives it a scratch-resistant feature. As for its water resistance, this watch will not let you down on your next beach trip because it can go as deep as 300m or 1000 feet. It will not give you any problems if you swim or even dive!

On the inside is a Swiss automatic movement that allows it to keep time. As for the design, the watch’s dial is in black with large markers. You can also see a date window in the 3 o’clock area.

5.Longines Conquest Automatic L3.776.4.58.6

This watch may look like a dive watch and may even take its inspiration from the brand’s dive watch collection, HydroConquest, but it is not.

The Longines Conquest Automatic L3.776.4.58.6 is actually a sports watch with dive watch designs only. Because of this, you can wear it when you are out to play or work out and even when you will just visit the local bar. However, this Longines watch still has the same 300m or 1000 feet water resistance. What this watch does not have is a dive bezel and a few large Arabic numerals, which make it look more elegant. The designs that will remind you of a HydroConquest watch with this timepiece are its large markers and hands.

The size of this watch, which is 39mm and 11.5mm thick, is just enough. It will fit most wrist sizes because it is not too bulky or too small.

6. Longines Heritage Flagship L4.795.4.78.2

You can say that this watch truly exemplifies Longines’ expertise in creating watches because of its technology and design. Its design might be simple-looking at first, but it commands attention. The old soul in you will rejoice because of its vintage look. Its 38.5mm size makes it suitable not only for women but also for men! You can see how its hour markers have sleek indexes. These hands are also reinforced with a Super LumiNova feature.

Choose Your Very Own Longines Watch

Here are just some of the Longines watches that might interest you. For sure, they have a lot of other models that are the best fitting for your aesthetics and lifestyle. Check out and look through the different timepieces that Longines can offer! From sporty-looking watches to simple and elegant ones, they have it!


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