Lehenga Designs

D-Day alias weddings-especially Indian weddings are not just about love, laughter, food, and rituals. But also aesthetic decorations, Indian jewellery, grandeur, and the ‘perfect wedding dresses’. 

Bollywood, OTT shows, and social media have given the Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding concept a whole new meaning; the inspired bridal looks and dreamy designer lehengas are central to this concept. The costs of the luxury lehenga designs (even their replicas) have been going up due to high demands. 

But have you ever wondered why people still invest so much money and time picking the perfect design, colour, pattern, and designer? 

The answer is simple, to look and feel flawless and imperial, in every way possible!

This traditional attire had to be revolutionised with avant-garde designs and concepts due to increased demands, requests for customization and modern brides/bride’s maids wanting to give their lehengas a personal touch. Hence, a variety of styles were conceptualised.

Talking about Luxury Lehenga Designs without mentioning Sabyasachi is no less than an offence (we know you agree too.). The royal colours, mesmerizing embroidery, classy flares of the lehengas, statement blouses with exciting necklines- the list is endless but what if you want something other than Sabyasachi lehengas? Where should you get the ideas from, that too without stepping outside in the killing heat? Too many questions?

Fret not, we got your back!

We have curated a list of Luxury Lehenga Designs that will leave you in awe.

A-line Lehenga

These types of lehengas feature an A cut, hence the name A-line lehenga. These lehengas feature a tight hem with a flare at the bottom. If you wish to flaunt and accentuate your curves/body shape, this is the perfect pick. Either go for a monochromatic look or pick hues in total contrast to make a statement. Indian jewellery made of emerald stones and Kundan will add an extra factor to your overall look.

Symmetrical Lehengas

On the hunt for a sassy bride’s maid lehenga with that extra factor? Check out Symmetrical Lehengas. Pick something traditional on a lush-coloured fabric. The versatility of this style makes it a safe and glamorous option any day. The hem is generally straight with very less flare at the hem. 

You can easily style this lehenga with bold blouses, silk shirts, statement patterns and trending fabrics such as pastel organza, royal silk, fun georgette etc. 

Embroidered Lehengas

Embroidered lehengas are the soul of traditional Indian ethnic wear for women. It flatters and looks beautiful on women of every age group. The new innovative designs and styles in embroidered lehengas have made it possible to style them for office parties and other casual events too. Classic colour choices include Fuchsia pink, pastel hues, bold monotone scheme.

Hand-embroidered lehengas are timeless and best go well with Indian jewellery or royal stones. 

Saree Style Lehengas

You’ll be never over-dressed or undressed in this garment!

If fashion met tradition had a face, it would be the amazing saree style lehengas. This brilliant ethnic style is a fusion between Indian sarees and lehengas featuring a fishtail appearance or A-line cuts. Various prints, colour combinations, patterns and fabrics are available online for this fresh style.  

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Bridal Lehengas

Sabyasachi, Anita Dogre, Manish Malhotra, and Ritu Kumar’s designs from their bridal couture generally pop up in mind even on the tiniest mention of bridal lehengas nowadays. Who could possibly blame them? All the dreamy celebrity lehenga designs were from their talent houses.              

Since bridal lehengas are especially for the wedding day, go for a colour that brings out your eyes and compliments you the best. After all your wedding album should be full of happy emotions, fun moments, beautiful ceremonies, and the magnificent newly-married couple. 

Red is not the only choice for the perfect wedding attire anymore. You can choose from a palette of choices and colourful fusions.

Party Lehengas

This is an all-time hit category of ethnic styles that Indian women absolutely adore. For your next party look experiment with sleeves and flattering necklines, dainty jewellery, embroidered clutches, embellishments, and the fabric of the party lehenga you pick. 

You can also revamp your look by mixing and matching your lehenga-blouse/choli sets. You can even throw a sleeveless jacket on top for the diva look. 

P.S.If you have some luxury lehenga designs lying in your cupboard but have no functions to attend to? Rent them. There are multiple platforms facilitating this idea. It is a win-win situation; the renter gets money and the rentee wears happiness. 

Who doesn’t like dressing up and posing at weddings or festive seasons (we are guilty as charged too!)? Share your diva moments with us in the comments below.