Know All Guide On Fantasy Cricket

Gamezy is like a virtual arcade that you may have visited as a child. The rush of winning games and the fun you have whilst trying to beat the competition and score most is what you loved most about playing games. The inexplicable sense of accomplishment along with a superior sense of self when you win are just some of the reasons playing games can be satisfying. Games are a way to escape reality and unwind after a long and stressful day. Fantasy Cricket on Gamezy is the perfect way to have something to look forward to at the end of every day. Gamezy fantasy cricket offers you a chance to make your team and win exciting cash prizes.

Let us take a look at some ways you can ensure your team’s road to victory is smooth.

Know-how of Fantasy Cricket

1. Analyze

Participating and winning in this talked-about game is not as easy as it seems. It is not a game of chance but years of observation and analysis. You need to put in time and effort to study the finer details and not leave it up to fate.

2. Performance

Checking the performance of the chosen players is very important. DO not pick a player just because of one good performance or a good performance that is months old. Also, avoid picking players you like or are biased to without checking whether he is a good fit to play your game with.

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3. Analyze the weather and pitch report

The location of the game is declared beforehand and studying the history of that particular stadium combined with the current weather conditions gives you a fair idea of the kind of pitch to expect. During afternoons, the pitch generally becomes dry due to heat. Pick more spinners than swing bowlers if the pitch is slow and dry.

4. Captain and Vice-captain

Choosing the captain and vice-captain of your fantasy cricket team has nothing to do with the player’s ability to lead the team on the field. The captain gets 2 times the points and the vice-captain gets 1.5 times the points, so if the players chosen by you for these positions score well, then it gives your score a big boost and it becomes very difficult to beat you.

5. Create multiple teams

Gamezy has a lot of contests that you can enter before every match. Create multiple teams to win contests. The more teams you have, the higher the chance of winning.

6. Stay updated

Staying abreast with the announcements and news regarding the team is very important. Replacement of a coach, changing of venue, and possible injuries are the things that generally affect the quality of the game. Change of batting position is also an important aspect to consider before deciding on your players. It is recommended that 60% of your fantasy cricket team should have top-order batsmen.

Picking the right combination of players can help you win real cash spoils on Gamezy!

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