iFun Screen Recorder: Best free online screen recorder for PCs

During the lockdown period when the schools and colleges were closed, the educators, teachers, and professors had to take online classes, and for this purpose, they require a full screen recorder for pc or laptop. Although there are many screen recorder free of cost, the most effective and easy to record full screen recorder tool is iFun Screen Recorder. There is no requirement to purchase the license of the software. It has no limitation for screen recording as other free online tools have. The desktop version of the iFun Screen Recorder-i.e free online screen recorder is available on its official website.

Main features of iFun Screen Recorder

1. Ability to select any area and record screen: – Using the iFun Screen Recording software tool, we can choose any size that needs to be recorded. The tool also works with multiple display set up. It can record the audio as well simultaneously with the screen capture.

2. Take a screenshot while recording screen:- Let’s suppose we have to take a screenshot of the screen while making a video. We can do that easily using the iFun Screen Recorder tool.

3. Built-in video editing tools:- Once the screen recording process is complete and we have stopped the screen recording, we can directly edit the video using built-in video editing tools available in iFun Screen Recorder software.

4. Fast and efficient:- If we consider the CPU usage and memory allocation, then it is lighter than any other screen recording software. It used only 10% of CPU usages and hence has zero lags on the laptop or desktop where it is installed.

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5.  Safe and clean software:- The software must be downloaded from the iFun Screen Recorder site to get the best user experience. The software has no virus or malware threats that can harm our device performance. There is no risk in the installation of this software on a PC or laptop.

 how to record screen on Windows 10?

a). Download the software from the official site of the iFun Screen Recorder.

b). Install iFun Screen Recorder software by running the setup file on a windows computer or pc.

c). Then click on positive responses that appear on the screen like yes, next, I agree, continue and finish.

d). After installation is complete, launch the application by double click on the iFun Screen Recorder icon’s desktop icon.

Benefits of using iFun Screen Recording software

1. Supports a wide variety of file formats: We can choose any file format according to our needs and requirements. iFun Screen Recorder software supports multiple file formats for the conversion of video file formats.

2. No advertisement or watermark:- Unlike other screen recorder software with too many advertisements and leaves watermarks, this tool does not have any such limitation.

To sum up, we can say that iFun Screen Recorder software can be an ideal tool for online educators, tutors, or professors who take online classes. This tool can be used without any technical knowledge as it is easy to use because of its excellent user interface.

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